Dianne Ralston on communication and client relationships

Valuing connection and diverse perspectives

A client's feedback motivated Dianne Ralston, chief legal officer of SLB, to reassess her communication style and approach to building client relationships. Hear her share this and other experiences that have shaped her successful legal career and contributed to her resilience.

Editor’s note: Dianne Ralston is chief legal officer of SLB, formerly known as Schlumberger, in Houston, TX.

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Cultivating resilience and elevating impact

In this episode, Dianne discusses how she built a successful career by cultivating resilience and investing in her business and legal relationships. Dianne has used her talents to not only grow her career, but also to make a lasting impact on her company and community. Dianne understands the importance of diversity of thought and perspectives, and recounts experiences where she learned her communication style was hindering her connections.

It’s the ability for us to really make that human connection and to make somebody feel seen, recognized, and that they have an advocate. At its heart, the legal profession is a service profession.


Lori Lorenzo: Welcome to Resilient. I'm Lori Lorenzo Deloitte's research and insights director for our Chief Legal Officer Program and host of the Chief Legal Officer track of this podcast series.

What if you were able to prepare in advance for challenges that many of your peers only see in the moment? In this episode, Dianne Ralston, chief legal officer at SLB, shares how her early experiences both with cultivating resilience and being exposed to business and legal relationships, informed her strategy for building a successful legal career. Dianne also discusses her experiences holding legal leadership roles in the oil and gas industry, and her insights on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Let's hear what Dianne has to say.

Dianne Ralston: “It's the ability for us to really make that human connection and to make somebody feel seen, recognized, and that they have an advocate. At its heart, the legal profession is a service profession.”

Lori Lorenzo: I hope you enjoyed this preview. For the full episode, go to your favorite podcast app and search “resilient.” You can listen on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Spotify, or wherever you go to get your podcasts. If you’re curious about legal leadership and trends that are impacting today’s in-house counsel, I encourage you to visit our Chief Legal Officer Program site on deloitte.com.

Until next time, stay safe and remain resilient.

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