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The Chief Legal Officer Program

​Deloitte's Chief Legal Officer ("CLO") Program is an integrated program that helps legal executives bring more value to the business world as they grow in their careers. We invite legal executives from select client organizations to participate in an interconnected series of professional development and networking programs. Whether you and your team experience only one program or progress through all of them, each offers valuable insight for the CLO and his or her law department.

Legal mindset, business challenges

​The world of the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) lies at the spot where the legal perspective and the business mindset intersect. The leader who masters both delivers value no one else can. The career path that leads to the CLO's chair follows a complex trajectory. You need to demonstrate strong legal expertise, and you also are expected to understand the business strategy, its language, and how it makes money.

For you to provide demonstrable value to your organization—and for you to grow along that trajectory so that you can be an effective CLO when the opportunity comes—you don't just need to understand both worlds. You need to connect them in ways that create and protect value.

We help forge connections with business leaders and innovators to help attorneys master their complex leadership role atop the worlds of law and business. Every stage in a legal executive's career brings different challenges and demands. And at every stage, we are there to help.

CLO Program offerings

Next Generation Chief Legal Officer Academy: Take the lead

Legal executives are nominated by their CLOs to attend this multi-day learning experience that prepares future CLOs for the shift from in-house legal executive to business leader. Our curriculum focuses on three pillars: Leadership, influence, and competence.

CLO Labs: Take charge

For newly appointed CLOs, we offer a customized Transition Lab designed to help you be more efficient and effective, with an action plan for the first 180 days in your new role. The agenda generally focuses on the three most important resources a leader must manage—time, talent, and stakeholder relationships— while focusing on aligning your priorities with those of the business. We also offer a CLO Leadership Lab for CLOs who have been in a leadership role for some time, and legal team labs to address key legal and business challenges. These may include developing legal strategy, aligning the legal function with the business, and improving team behavioral dynamics and stakeholder relationships.

CLO Peer-to-Peer Forums: Take stock

CLO Peer-to-Peer Forums bring CLOs together for robust discussions on top-of-mind issues, challenges, and best practices in an open, collaborative, and confidential setting. You and your peers drive the agenda, based on the common challenges and interests you share, whether from diverse industries or within a specific sector. Offered in several locations across the country, CLO Forums also provide ample opportunity for networking and connecting with peers.

CLO Learning Center: Take action

The role and responsibilities of in-house attorneys are no longer limited to that of a legal advisor. Today, there is a growing expectation for in-house attorneys to also serve as trusted business advisors and more importantly, company leaders. Deloitte's Chief Legal Officer Program offers leadership and business courses specifically tailored for in-house attorneys. These courses were developed to provide the necessary insight into subject matters once considered outside the legal department's realm, but which today are considered essential to the legal department's effectiveness and the company's overall success.

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Research & Insights: Take Note

Take Note communications are designed to assist both in-house and outside counsel in how to lead, navigate, and disrupt to tackle today's complex legal and business issues. These email communications from Deloitte's Chief Legal Officer Program highlight topical issues.

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Camille Stovall

Camille Stovall

Principal | Deloitte FAS LLP

Camille is a Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory principal and leads Deloitte’s US Chief Legal Officer Program. In her role, she focuses on bringing innovative solutions and services to our clients a... More

Lori Lorenzo

Lori Lorenzo

Managing Director | Chief Legal Officer Program

Lori is a managing director with Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP, and leads Research and Insights for the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Program. In this capacity, she designs research ini... More

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