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Innovative performance acceleration

There’s never been more pressure on organizations, executives and their teams—whether working side-by-side in-person or virtually—to perform at a higher level in a wider range of areas. It can be daunting to keep up, given complexity and the rate of change underway today in so many different parts of the business—especially when it comes to accelerating performance in the risk and financial environments. Today’s executives need to cut through the noise and move on what matters.

Performance experiences for executive leadership and their teams

There is no single issue or most important area on which executives should focus in order to improve performance, and there is no single approach that is appropriate for every leader or leadership team. We offer tailored executive leadership development experiences and focused labs for identifying approaches to apply to complex business issues to help executives and their teams break new ground.

Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Client Accelerators Team customizes performance experiences that target those complex business issues and are designed to help executives and their teams perform better. During one of our experiences, we can help you identify and gain alignment for your organizational goals and begin to articulate key milestones to drive the operational, technology and talent changes you desire to realize those goals.

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Participants in these experiences benefit from:

  • Immersive methods and exercises including facilitated self-exploration, design thinking, and strategy conversations to help organizations turn ideas into outcomes
  • Professional facilitators to help leaders and their organizations navigate tough challenges
  • Research-based content built on empirical data and cumulative learnings from more than 8,000 lab experiences consciously designed to help shift perspectives and enhance exploration
  • Demonstrated frameworks and methods drawing on design thinking, behavioral economics, group dynamics, and innovation theory
  • Relevant subject matter advisors with direct experience in the specific challenges, industry, or business

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Bespoke experiences

Bespoke experiences are designed for specific leadership challenges, and opportunities. They span multiple topics to inform strategic conversations.

Some examples include:

  • Strategy or Vision
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Transformation

Domain-specific programs

Domain-specific programs are designed to "go deep" on specific topics that are driving the corporate agenda. They are based on shared experiences of peers in similar or adjacent industries and roles and can be combined with other programs.

Some examples include:

  • Agile Internal Audit Lab
  • Future of Cyber Spark Lab
  • IPO Readiness Lab

Transition Labs

Deloitte’s Executive Transition Program conducted research across hundreds of executives from Fortune 1000 companies and created a lab experience using research-based frameworks developed specifically for executives assuming new roles. These one-day experiences in our immersive lab environments are designed to help newly-appointed executives hit the ground running, and thrive in new roles and specifically are geared to help executives map the first six months of their journey and accelerate their success.

Some examples include:

  • Chief Information Security Officer Transition Lab
  • Chief Compliance Officer Transition Lab
  • Chief Risk Officer Transition Lab
  • Controller Transition Lab

and more for each major leadership role

Elevate Labs

The Elevate Lab is designed for accomplished executives who are looking to further elevate their leadership and impact in the next phase of their executive journey. The single-day session is customized for the executive role and focuses on pushing the boundaries of what's possible and elevating impact by providing space to reflect on the challenges and achievements to date, identify ways to reengage with the key stakeholders and influencers, and hone in on key actions to pursue next.

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We create high impact client experiences—no matter if we’re in the same room, or hosting a virtual session. All Deloitte experiences can be facilitated on a variety of technology platforms, so working together apart has never been easier.

Raise your performance—fast. The tools and approaches offered by Executive Accelerators are designed to help you and your team move on what matters.

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