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Insights for your digital banking strategy

Prepare for platform banking and the future of banking technology

Today's consumers expect their banks to act and interact more like top technology brands. This is pushing banks to adopt a digital banking strategy—and in particular, to digitize core banking platforms, many of which are outdated and not designed to support the banking capabilities and services of the future. How to go about it is the question.

Cloud-based core banking: Is it possible?

As part of their service delivery transformation, banking and capital markets organizations need to consider whether it makes sense to migrate their core banking operations to the cloud. The benefits are considerable, and a number of global financial institutions have made the move and are now running select core banking services on the cloud.

Learn how to realize long-term value by migrating core banking infrastructure to the cloud.

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Digital transformation hits core banking

Lending and deposits are the bread and butter of retail and commercial banking, yet they often continue to operate on legacy platforms, hampering banks’ ability to innovate rapidly and respond to customer demands. The need to digitize legacy systems in banking is pushing banks to decide how quickly they want to bring about change. Fortunately, core and modernization is no longer a binary choice (do nothing or total replacement), thanks to advances in core banking technology.

Understand the options for transforming core banking capabilities.

Service delivery transformation in banking and capital markets

Banking institutions today need to be able to quickly deliver easy-to-use, highly tailored services to address shifting consumer preferences and differentiate themselves from competitors. Yet legacy systems can hamper their ability to do just that. While many banks have been reluctant to invest in service delivery capabilities due to competing priorities, the need to change is becoming more urgent. To address evolving customer and business needs, banks will need to transition successfully on three fronts: cloud, data, and technology operations.

Explore how to deliver software and products faster as part of a service delivery transformation in banking and capital markets.

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