2021 Human Capital trends in financial services

Top takeaways from our 2021 Human Capital Trends report

Our 2021 Global Human Capital Trends survey weaves a human-first approach into three key pillars—purpose, potential, and perspective—and identifies five trends leading the charge to rearchitect the future of work. Keep reading to explore our top human capital trends in financial services and their implications for the industry’s future.

Financial services in a world disrupted

Last year, COVID-19 illuminated the fact that organizations require more than just a plan for dealing with the unexpected. Even more pressing is the need to make a fundamental shift in mindset, where the drive to survive is replaced with a desire to thrive. We believe that in order to succeed, an organization must become—and stay—distinctly human at its core. Today’s environment of extreme dynamism calls for a degree of courage, judgment, and flexibility that only humans and teams led by humans can bring.

Below, we provide a financial services–specific take on Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends survey, spotlighting five key trends that will have profound implications for business, finance, and society in the months and years to come—and enable companies to shift from “just surviving” to thriving.

Among the respondents were 899 financial services (FS) professionals from the banking and capital markets (53.84%), insurance (21.47%), investment management (15.02%), and real estate (9.68%) sectors, from whom we have derived the top human capital trends in the financial services industry. Overall, most organizations rated their COVID-19 preparedness as “ready” or “somewhat ready,” an assessment based on questions pertaining to their readiness to adapt, reskill, and assume new roles; the rapidity of their decision-making; their use of technology to transform work; and their ability to pivot investments to account for changing business demands.

2021 Human Capital Trends report


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