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NAIC Fall 2020 National Meeting update

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) successfully hosted its Fall Meeting in a virtual environment. The NAIC highlighted key focus areas for 2020, with topics ranging from racial equity to climate risk.

Deloitte’s NAIC Fall 2020: National Meeting update

Fall Meeting recap

During opening remarks of the 2020 Fall Meeting, NAIC president and South Carolina Insurance Director Ray Farmer noted that the role of NAIC president would pass to Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier in 2021 and that the incoming Secretary-Treasurer would soon be decided (subsequently, it was announced that Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Andrew Mais would be appointed as Secretary-Treasurer and member of the Executive Committee).

As the NAIC and its members look forward to 2021, the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis remain. The NAIC will continue efforts to support its members, the industry, and consumers with a commitment to address issues with flexibility and focus.

This meeting recap will cover the following key focus areas:

  • Innovation and technology
  • Group capital calculation
  • Climate and resiliency
  • Race and insurance
  • Actuarial update
  • Accounting update

Four key focus areas

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