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Implementing smart: A Deloitte and Forbes Insights survey

Our technology adoption survey, completed in partnership with Forbes Insights, tapped more than 500 senior executives across industries to determine what differentiates successful technology implementations from those that are less effective.

Preparing your organization for successful technology implementation

Implementing smart: The survey overview

This survey was conducted to help identify the challenges and benefits of emerging technology implementations. It also helped to distinguish characteristics of implementation "masters" and the practices they use to successfully implement new technologies. The following demographics highlight the data pulled from the survey:

  • Input was gathered from more than 500 senior leaders with experiences with recent technology adoptions.
  • Twenty-one percent of respondents were project executive sponsors, 18 percent project technology leads, 29 percent business process owners, and 32 percent overall project leaders and managers. Respondents from the Americas made up 40 percent of the totals; Europe, Middle East, and Africa contributed 33 percent; and Asia-Pacific 27 percent.
  • Respondents represented a broad cross-section of industries, including Financial Services; Technology, Media, and Telecommunications; Manufacturing; Energy; Health and Life Sciences; Public Sector; Real Estate; and other. The top three cross sections of industry included 25 percent technology, media, and telecommunications, 18 percent manufacturing; and 15 percent financial services.
  • Companies with $1B-$4.9B and $5B-$9.9B in revenue represented approximately 47 percent of the sample.
  • The technology solutions implemented by respondents included SAP, Oracle, Workday, Salesforce, and Custom Applications.

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