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The Digital Workplace Journey

Today, there is a multitude of software solutions to accommodate the new hybrid workforce model. It is a crowded, and growing marketplace; in fact, there are over 1,400 vendors offering solution in this space. In this episode, we discuss the Digital Workplace in the context of the vendor landscape.

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Digital Workplace: A Market Evolution and Vendor Perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizations to accelerate their plans for re-architecting work for the future of work—where and how work gets done and by whom. Today, organizations need to consider designing, developing, and deploying The Digital Workplace. In part 1 of our Digital Workplace series, we’ll hear from John Brownridge, Deloitte’s Digital Workplace Leader, Courtney Sherman, Managing Director and leader of the Applied Design practice at Deloitte, and Bruce Sanchez, Global Leader of Sales, Learning and Development Technology at Dell. They’ll discuss how Deloitte thinks about today’s Digital Workplace using a human-centered design approach, and then gain an external perspective on a Dell’s Digital Workplace journey.

Many organizations are using seven or more different tools for messaging, communications, and file-sharing. Most workers toggle between apps 10 times an hour, resulting in 32 days per year per employee of lost workplace productivity, which is 12% of the people's time. Another stat is that 25% of a knowledge worker's time is spent looking for information just to do the job that they have been hired to do. And all this while, 40% of the global workforce is really considering leaving their employer.

The digital workplace reimagined: Elevating the human experience to unlock productivity+

Employers have invested in more digital ways of working, but there’s little evidence these technology solutions are moving the needle on workforce productivity+. By redesigning the virtual and hybrid workplace with humans at the center, organizations can improve the worker experience and deliver real business results.

Digital workplaces and the hybrid work model

Hybrid working has driven the need for a re-architecture of the digital workplace, shifting to a flexible work philosophy focused on workforce experience. In Part 2 of our Work from Anywhere series, we share tips for organizations looking to create a sustainable hybrid work model.

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