Embracing new health care payment models

The race to adopt value based health pricing is in full swing

When it comes to health care reimbursement models, there is no one “right” solution. The choice depends on each payer’s capabilities and goals. Our new report explores four payment models and offers perspectives from stakeholders across the industry as organizations begin implementing value based health care pricing.

What is value based care?

Fueled by regulatory actions, customer expectations, cost pressures, and an overall shift in the health care landscape, we expect to see an acceleration in the transition from traditional fee-for-service (FFS) pricing to payment models in which reimbursement is tied to quality and cost, broadly defined as “value based care arrangements.” Value based care has four aims: better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experiences, and better clinical experience.

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There are four main types of value based payment models:

What are industry perceptions of value based care?

Health care stakeholders face unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to successfully implementing value based health care reimbursement. Even within specific industries and functions, individual organizations should view implementing new payment models through their own unique, strategic lens.

Is your organization ready for value based care transformation?

We recognize that value based care requires more than just changing a payment model; it also means helping organizations transform care delivery and financing, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic discovery, with the aim of advancing patient outcomes, reducing the total cost of care, and enhancing the consumer experience.

Here are a few ways that your organization can get the ball rolling:

  • Gauge where your organization is currently
  • Identify your goals for the future
  • Assess your capabilities and understand gaps
  • Create a governance structure

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