Health Care Providers

Navigate the complex issues

Tight margins. Heightened regulation and reform. The shift to value over volume. Rapid consolidation. New technology and infrastructure considerations. These are just a few of the pressures you face as a health care provider. At Deloitte, we have identified six key issues and holistic offerings that help solve your pressing needs.

Physician Enterprise & Ambulatory Services

Over the past three to five years, growth and consolidation of physician networks, employed groups, ambulatory services, and collaboration, has occurred at an unprecedented pace. Two-thirds of physicians surveyed believe that physicians and hospitals will become even more integrated in the next one to three years as cost pressures, regulatory activity, and technology advances drive care to ambulatory settings. Whether the intent is to enhance clinical integration, market share, or both, improving investments in physician relationships and ambulatory services is top of mind for our client executives.

Sustainable Margin

Achieving an improved, sustainable margin is a long-term transformation. In the next few years, you can move forward, despite the lowered reimbursement rates and higher patient volume, by transforming how you deliver care and make smart decisions about cost reduction and revenue improvement. The pressure to move quickly is high and incremental improvements may not make the difference your organization needs to meet the challenge. A smart strategy with both a short term plan and a long view toward the future can pave the way for ongoing improvement.

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Technology-Enabled Transformation

Technology transformation is not only about upgrading to keep up with the latest innovations, but also it is about changing your business to make intelligent use of technology and data. It is at least part of the answer to almost every critical question you are asking about how your organization will succeed in the new health care environment. There are many opportunities to consider.

Value-based Care

The shift from the fee-for-service payment model to value based care is happening – but at what pace? Most of the industry is still dealing in a transaction-based world, despite the fact that the margins on this payment model are decreasing. But the vision has crystalized and the focus on patients’ health costs, access and quality are at the forefront. Strong drivers are accelerating the need for health care systems to get on board and begin making the necessary changes.

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Talent Optimization

Your people are the foundation of your outcomes. The evolving nature of the work your organization is performing demands a critical review of your talent strategy. Ensuring the right people are in roles that play to their strengths can create a better patient experience and positively impact the efficiency of every department.

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Strategy and M&A

Evolving with the health care industry today requires vision and innovation. Your willingness to explore new strategies, within and outside of the health care industry, can affect your success in today’s health care ecosystem. Strategies may include everything from risk management to cost containment to M&A – all driving toward efficient, quality care and a better patient experience. 

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Health Care Regulatory

When it comes to meeting health care regulatory requirements, integration and vision are the keys to not only survive—but thrive. The financial and operational impact of regulation and legislative oversight in the health care industry is significant, and is all too often addressed with piecemeal, tactical solutions. While many organizations may see regulatory compliance solely as a negative hit to revenue, there is opportunity there as well—when you find an effective, integrated approach for your organization.