The skills gap in US manufacturing

2015-2025 outlook

Deloitte Consulting LLP and the Manufacturing Institute examine the nature and extent of the skills gap in manufacturing, the outlook over the next decade, as well as strategies for mitigating the impact of the gap.

Talent needed: Addressing the skills shortage in US manufacturing

With US unemployment near all-time lows, manufacturers are challenged with finding skilled workers to meet increased market demand. Hear how manufacturers can overcome the challenges in building a skilled workforce in our recent Dbrief.

Stay tuned for the release of the new 2018 Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute skills gap study, scheduled to be released mid-November!

The skills gap in US manufacturing: 2015 and beyond

For years, manufacturers have reported a sizeable gap between the talent they need to keep growing their businesses and the talent they can actually find. Beyond today’s talent issues though, what do manufacturers need to address for future years? And, what is the trajectory of the skills gap over the next decade? Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute embarked on their third Skills Gap study, seeking to answer these pressing questions. The report reveals the issue is growing and is exacerbated by a number of factors that brings manufacturers to an inflection point that must be addressed in order to ensure viability and success of American-based operations as well as the nation’s economic prosperity as a whole.

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Skills gap in US manufacturing infographic

2011 Skills gap report

The 2011 Skills Gap report is among a series of studies that examines these issues and more.

  • What impact is the skills gap having on company performance?
  • Although the skills gap issue isn't new, how is it evolving in the face of continued economic and competitive challenges? Which manufacturing jobs are being affected the most?
  • What does the future of talent look like? What upcoming trends are companies preparing for? How fast are these changes happening?

It's not just that manufacturers are concerned about talent today. This has been a serious issue for years, which begs the question of what must be done differently in order to achieve the right results. For manufacturers, the skills gap is an issue that has reached its boiling point.​

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