Public perception of the manufacturing industry

US opinions on manufacturing

US economic recovery and job creation continue to be important concerns for many Americans. The American public continues to show very strong support for manufacturing and a deep understanding of the economic benefits that result from a vibrant manufacturing sector. Yet, Americans continue to have mixed views regarding the future of manufacturing in the US.

Overwhelming support: US public opinions on the manufacturing industry

Americans still have mixed views about the future of manufacturing. The results of this year’s survey—our fifth over the past six years—gauging Americans perspectives on the US manufacturing industry, relative to other industries, reveal that the vast majority of Americans continue to view US manufacturing as crucial to America’s economic prosperity, standard of living, and national security. However, less than half believe the US can compete globally in manufacturing.

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Public perception of manufacturing infographic

Leadership wanted: The public’s view of the manufacturing industry today

The results of our fourth annual survey of American citizens measuring their perceptions of the manufacturing industry in the United States relative to other industries reveal that the vast majority firmly believe that a strong manufacturing industry is crucial to Americans’ standard of living and economic prosperity, as well as the national security of the United States. However, most see our nation's global competitiveness in manufacturing as stagnant or declining.

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​Unwavering commitment: The public's view of the manufacturing industry today

Our recent survey of the American public’s opinion on manufacturing reveals that throughout one of the most turbulent periods in US economic history, they have maintained remarkably consistent views, year after year, on the importance of manufacturing. Starting in the immediate aftermath of the recession in 2008-2009, each year our survey has uncovered a consistently high regard for manufacturing, both in terms of its role in the US economy and our global standing, as well as its importance in job creation.

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