High stakes M&A

Seven bets that matter

​One critical factor that makes any deal go beyond stakeholder expectations is the management ability to lead the deal successfully through the transformation. That requires making effective bets each step of the way.

Deloitte Consulting LLP’s paper, High stakes M&A: Seven bets that matter, discusses the below seven areas that professionals should focus upon for an effective M&A:

  1. Focus on five critical activities that senior leaders can use to demonstrate leadership, create enthusiasm and build momentum.
  2. Identify three challenges that should be presented to the leadership team for delivering full potential value of a transaction.
  3. Identify people to attend a leadership summit, outline an agenda that can engage them in creating the vision of the future organization and set a date.
  4. Develop the hypothesis for the combined organization’s operating strategy that will be presented to the leadership team.
  5. Develop a common message for everyone to hear while simultaneously customizing this message to present the opportunities available for each major audience.
  6. Select a leader to own the plan for identifying and engaging critical talent-related capabilities.
  7. Identify the three things that the leadership team should be asked to do differently to demonstrate the desired the culture

Download the report to understand how successfully delivering on an M&A deal requires leaders to demonstrate skills that go far beyond those needed for business as usual.

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