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M&A strategy series

Timely topics without a shelf life

Like a best-selling novel, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can create acclaim and move a company to the top of its industry. But with heightened activity, M&A can also trigger buyer mistakes and missed opportunities. We’ve put together a library of topics that will create value in M&A transactions—not just today, but in the future. Turn the page to a new M&A strategy. One that allows senior management to serve customers and focus on growth.

Due diligence for cost synergy capture: Building deals on bedrock

It’s a familiar story. It’s one where top-down due diligence misses “the magic 10 percent” of cost reductions. One where deals don’t see the expected operational improvements. Corporations and private equity (PE) firms can utilize synergy-capture diligence to capture cost synergies that may be missed. This bottoms-up approach can justify valuations and drive early alignment.

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Winning in M&A: How to become an advantaged acquirer

2015’s record M&A volume indicates that we may be in the sixth “merger wave” in the last century. While time will tell if we have crested the wave, this type of heated pace can trigger buyer mistakes. Acquirers can also fall into the trap of overpaying the target’s pre-bid share price as competition intensifies.

Becoming an advantage acquirer is a powerful strategy for creating value and winning deals. Advantage acquirers typically avoid buyer mistakes that happen in a heated M&A environment (like we are in now) and have a higher chance of finding quality assets.

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