Global outsourcing survey 2022


Global outsourcing survey 2022

Talent, IT, and new ways to outsource

Competition for talent has reached unprecedented intensity. Outsourcing can help. The rules, however, are changing as third-party models evolve to enhance business and IT processes with AI and data insights. Explore the Global outsourcing survey to learn how forward-thinking organizations are finding ways to boost innovation and competitiveness.

Beyond outsourcing: Entering a new sourcing ecosystem

Selecting whether to deliver capabilities internally, with third parties, via global in-house centers, or through a combination of the three is not easy. Making a decision requires an ecosystem management view beyond traditional vendor management.

Our latest Global outsourcing survey report offers a glimpse at how the latest outsourcing strategies are reshaping the industry and affecting both providers and clients.

Global outsourcing survey 2022: Navigating talent, technology, and new ways to outsource

5 key findings from the 2022 global outsourcing survey

The priorities and needs that lead organizations to outsource have changed since our last survey. Not only have technologies evolved, but ways of working also transformed and borders expanded.

Download the full report to explore detailed findings and analysis, insights from executives, and takeaways on how you can enhance your sourcing model to unlock immediate and long-term business value.


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