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Process Intelligence is a new way to approach business process improvement. Despite decades of history and knowledge, companies often struggle to manage processes that are very complex and dynamic. Process Intelligence is an advanced approach, drawing upon time-tested techniques like Lean Six Sigma that are enhanced with proprietary analytical tools and deep experience to help clients make breakthrough improvements.

What we offer

We help clients take a comprehensive and innovative process-focused approach to addressing their business issues. Process Intelligence is supported by industry eminence, a robust framework, a proven project approach, and a comprehensive set of tools and accelerators.​

Six tenets of intelligent process improvement

Business process improvement approaches very often remain largely unchanged over time. People often "know" which process improvements work and they approach those methodologies the same as they have for decades. Yet despite those decades of history to learn from, companies are still struggling to realize success from their process improvement efforts.

Why do some process improvement efforts succeed and others do not?

Discover how the six tenets of process improvement can help companies think beyond what is currently "known" and bring more "intelligence" to process improvement. You can also explore how the six tenets apply specifically in these industries:

Building a culture of continuous improvement

A major—if not the biggest—factor affecting the deployment of long-term continuous improvement initiatives today is the fundamental change taking place in the way companies manage and execute work.

Learn more about the effects of building a culture of continuous improvement, as well as five precepts that can help graft continuous improvement into a company's culture so that it becomes part of the organization's DNA.​

Taming complexity with analytics

Today, we can get to the data and provide a picture of what is really happening in end-to-end business processes throughout an enterprise. Working with proprietary analytics software (Process X-rayTM) we have analyzed the actual process data at dozens of companies. The results were eye-opening for our clients: They discovered that process variation is at least 100 times greater than what they imagined. In fact, 5,000 or more variations are common in most end-to-end processes. Such high levels of variability are a natural enemy of scalability, efficiency, and process control.

Discover keys to successfully taming complexity with analytics.

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