Process X-ray: Process efficiency with advanced analytics

Reducing complexity in business processes

Business processes can often be complex, making it challenging for companies to streamline operations, increase process efficiency, and drive business value. Even with large-scale ERP investments intended to automate and standardize business processes, root causes of problems can be difficult to detect. Advanced analytics software can help.

What is Process X-ray?

Process X-rayTM is a proprietary process intelligence tool created by Deloitte that delves deeply below the surface. It uses advanced analytics software to mine data captured in existing ERP systems to identify the root causes of process inefficiency.

It helps eradicate complexity by:

  • Revealing an end-to-end view of processes
  • Drilling into and quantifying company issues at the activity and user level
  • Providing benchmarks for internal best practices
  • Establishing a single version of the truth to improve decision making

Using an intuitive interface, Process X-ray provides a complete view of how processes are actually performed so it can intelligently guide companies from analysis to answers.


How might Process X-ray help you achieve your business objectives?

Is your organization experiencing common symptoms such as high cost to serve, poor service outcomes, or low productivity? Are there significant differences in the efficiency of back-office processes between different parts of the organization? Do you have a complete and detailed view of processes and clear evidence that they are operating according to standard?

Process X-ray has helped many organizations identify the root causes of these challenges and reduce the complexity in their back-office processes. The advanced analytics software provides a visual analysis that generates more objective results, enabling companies to focus on key parts of the process that will help them drive the most value.

Potential bottom line benefits:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Increased operational and process efficiency
  • Reduced working capital
  • Improved harmonization and consistency

business objectives

Process X-ray has been used to analyze the actual process data at dozens of companies. The results were eye opening for our clients: They discovered that process variation is at least 100 times greater than what they imagined. In fact, 5,000 or more variations are common in most end-to-end processes.


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