The value of global process owners in global business services

Learn about the key skills and competencies for a GPO

This two-part article series examines the crucial role a global process owner can play in global business services. What are global process owners? How can organizations help GPOs create enterprise-wide value? Read more to find out.

Global process owners

Global process owners (GPOs) are individuals who own an end-to-end process across functional silos, geographic and business unit boundaries. The role has become increasingly common, in line with the development of global operating models and the concurrent evolution of the process model.

While GPOs have arguably been successful in bringing about gains in process efficiency and effectiveness, there may be opportunity for GPOs to add enterprise-wide value. Companies are pushing to manage global business services as a single organization and are leaning towards a service delivery model that has fewer global locations rather than more regional ones.

In coming years, GPOs will have the opportunity to play an important role in enhancing how global business services organizations partner with the overall business. With the right level of management support, GPOs can greatly help in aligning the organization better, changing detrimental behavior, and reinforcing the overall culture and brand in the organization.


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Part 1

Part 1 outlines five specific and significant ways a GPO can create enterprise-wide value.


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Learn more about the day to day role of a global process owner

Part 2


Part 2 explains what the leadership at global business services can do to support and enable GPOs to create value for the enterprise.

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