Agriculture and Food Security

Emerging Markets practice

Agriculture is the primary source of gross domestic product (GDP) and livelihood in most developing nations, particularly affecting rural communities and youth, women and disadvantaged populations. Deloitte’s agriculture and food security (AG/FS) team applies value chain, finance, policy, training, and market linkage methodologies to improve availability and affordability of inputs, agriculture production, post-harvest handling, output markets and price discovery information, and exports, with improvements to farmer and other stakeholder capabilities to generate higher volumes and efficiencies that increase household incomes. We work closely with Deloitte’s member firms around the world to leverage their international presence and commercial network to produce public/private sector alliances that arrive at commercially viable solutions for long-term agriculture development and food security impact. Our member firms in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, share our passion for serving the private and public sector, supporting the Emerging Markets AG/FS position as a leader in agribusiness development.