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VisualChoice™: Visual data analytics

Business intelligence with distinctive clarity

Learn how VisualChoice™, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s proprietary touch screen decision analysis tool, can give you the clarity to make confident and informed decisions more quickly.

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An elevated visual analytics interface

For most organizations, massive spreadsheet models and graphics are used to assess one to three scenarios, but spreadsheets can paralyze an organization’s decision making and many decision analysis tools just organize and present data. Then, there is Deloitte’s VisualChoice™.

VisualChoice™ uses real-time, rapid prototyping to enable instant assessments of complex “what if” scenarios and provides teams with a clear path to confident decisions. All within an interactive, multi-touch, and easy-to-use interface, making it possible for you to accomplish in hours what used to take weeks.

Our differentiated approach

In most organizations, running sensitivity analysis requires models to be rerun and then reviewed. This can often trigger additional questions and more analysis. At times, it can feel like each iteration moves organizations farther away from a decision to act. That is where VisualChoice™ comes into play.

VisualChoice™ is a game-changing visual analytics tool based on Deloitte’s decades of experience working with a variety of organizations. It allows you to instantly evaluate any scenario and helps you address and eliminate concerns as they arise. Using market-leading analytics, our propriety market data, and selected data from your organization, our innovative touch screen tool gives real-time and visual results in a workshop environment.

VisualChoice™ enables your team to:

  • Drill down from function to process and from process to subprocess
  • Adjust the percentage of each subprocess to be performed locally, regionally, globally, or robotically in the future state
  • Make changes to future productivity based on automation and centralization
  • Test alternative migration sequences
  • Dynamically change wage inflation forecasts
  • Toggle on or off any location to evaluate the contribution of any single location
  • Assess the impact of changes in management layers and spans of control
  • Move operations from existing to potential proxy locations
  • View background information about a target location’s regulatory environment, incentives, and real estate options

touch screen

Deloitte's VisualChoice™ provides real-time answers in easy to understand visual representation of the impacts of an infinite number of alternative models.

Gaining the confidence to commit

Having the confidence to commit to a significant business change often calls for evaluating—and reevaluating—multiple scenarios and perspectives to consider all factors and their long-term benefits. As a result, gaining consensus can take months, if not years.

For example, offshoring work to a low-cost market may expose a company to higher wage inflation and erode labor arbitrage savings. Shifting activities across jurisdictions could create tax impacts that unintentionally drive up an organization’s effective tax rate and offset any estimated benefits or transitioning a workforce may trigger severance payments, retention bonuses, recruitment costs, training costs, and more.

Want to give it a try?

We hold VisualChoice™ workshops for teams that are evaluating alternative and more cost-effective service delivery models or that just want to understand the potential “size of the prize” before starting.

VisualChoice™ is tailored to the interests, issues, and concerns identified by each stakeholder. We emphasize the hands-on and visual nature of analytics and help your team navigate “what if” scenarios using your organization’s data. VisualChoice™ can eliminate the need for time-consuming traditional models and graphs, and it can put the critical thinking in your team’s hands.

Our differentiated visual analytics approach helps your team embark on a shared journey toward insight and understanding, as well as reach consensus on your most strategic decisions.

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Deloitte Consulting LLP

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Deloitte Consulting LLP 

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