Automated provisioning for your organization

Automated provisioning is a key DevOps capability that delivers computing capacity on-demand without manual intervention. It provides the foundation for a flexible, extensible infrastructure with dynamic resource allocation across the enterprise, enabling app delivery at the speed of digital services.


When considering automated provisioning capabilities, ask yourself:

  • Does mission or customer traffic to your website ebb and flow, causing performance issues or leave your organization with significant excess capacity outside peak volume?
  • How often are your development and test teams sitting idle, waiting for their code to be deployed?
  • How often do project delivery dates get pushed back due to infrastructure delivery delays?
  • How much money is spent acquiring, provisioning, and maintaining computing resources that are not efficiently used?

The problem may lie in an outdated delivery model reliant upon manual interaction at multiple points along the deployment lifecycle, fostering communication breakdowns between mission, development, and operational teams.

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DevOps and cloud

DevOps is about eliminating waste, rework, bottlenecks, and automating manual tasks across the system development life cycle (SDLC) phases. A common misconception is that DevOps is a function of release and deployment automation. In fact, DevOps is much broader. It’s a combination of culture, processes, and automation tools. The automation aspect across the software and infrastructure processes can decrease costs associated with manual processes and increase velocity in developing new services and getting them to the market faster—all while supporting the mission.

Cloud computing–public, private, or hybrid–is the future of a successful, modernized IT infrastructure. It provides scalability and flexibility, in addition to cost-efficient pay-as-you-use pricing. The efficiency of cloud computing environments enable your organization to transform your data center in the cloud. This efficiency can be extended even further with automated provisioning, a DevOps capability.

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How Deloitte can help

Deloitte’s Federal Government practice will align with key stakeholders on your organization’s desired capabilities and goals. By leveraging the full breadth and depth of our cloud experience, we will perform detail analysis and develop a services-centric approach for your automated provisioning capability including:

  • An optimized suite of tools tailored to your mission
  • Lean, efficient processes that complement the tools and add value, not overhead
  • A staffing plan for the full-lifecycle of the capability including operations & maintenance (O&M)
  • A detailed roadmap for implementation that aligns to your organization’s preferred methodology (waterfall, agile, and hybrid/custom)

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