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Deloitte’s Child Welfare practice focuses on many aspects of supporting and protecting children. Our services and solutions can help clients tackle the challenges of foster care, child protection, and adoption assistance.

Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS)


  • Modular, CRM Cloud-based GovConnect for Child Welfare solution
  • Systems Integration and Data Exchange
  • Incremental modernization services
  • GoCase™ mobile solution for Child Welfare
  • Data & Analytics Solutions
  • Project management and quality assurance

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Automated child welfare solutions

Deloitte is a national leader in the transfer, development, and implementation of automated child welfare solutions. We understand the need for systems to continually grow to meet users’ changing and expanding needs, including meeting the goals of the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) regulation. We also understand that human services systems often need to be updated to meet changing federal and state legislative requirements. We offer deep experience and a collaborative approach to employing new technologies and planning courses of action to transform how your agency serves children.

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Business and program transformation

  • Program strategy and operations improvement
  • Process Reengineering
  • Organizational assessment
  • Human capital development, including workforce retention
  • Community provider integration planning
  • Training and change management services

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Leveraging advanced technologies in child welfare

“What’s next in the caseworker’s digital toolkit?” is a Deloitte-authored article, published in the October 2017 issue of APHSA’s Policy & Practice magazine. It highlights the challenges the use of outdated systems and manual processes pose when it comes to child welfare casework and takes a deep dive into how advances in technology can be adapted and applied to improve social casework process and outcomes. The article also discusses how the CCWIS gives states and jurisdictions the freedom needed to explore and use these newer technologies.

Read the full article, “What’s next in the caseworker’s digital toolkit.”

Agile in government

Many state child welfare programs are planning to implement modular CCWIS solutions using Agile software development approaches. How can government benefit from Agile software development techniques? Often, agencies find that they must adopt a whole new way of working to engage in the kind of trust-based, collaborative vendor-client relationship that Agile requires.

Learn more about Agile in government.

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