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Enabling economic development

With aging technology infrastructure of state/local governments and public institutions, senior leaders are faced with the high costs and inefficiencies of maintaining disparate legacy systems. Proactive governments recognize the potential of embracing digital disruption in the public sector and understand that leveraging digital technology is key to lowering costs and improving performance over the inefficiencies associated with static web sites and staffing local offices and call centers. Deloitte works with leaders in state and local government and higher education institutions to deliver cloud-based solutions and portals that enable effective digital, mobile, and multi-channel experiences that help meet the expectations and demands of constituents in the digital era.


Driving economic growth​

Governments looking to simplify revenue collection and accelerate business growth in their state or local community have identified the need to modernize to attract and retain new businesses. By implementing centralized digital platforms that allow businesses to conveniently interact and collaborate with government agencies effectively across web, mobile, and social channels, forward-thinking states can attract new businesses, reduce transaction costs, improve customer service, increase tax revenues, facilitate compliance for licenses and permits, and forge closer connections with the business community. Deloitte’s businessCONNECT is one such cloud-based platform that is helping states realize the value of a digital engagement solution, particularly in the realm of licensing and permitting.

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Enabling citizen engagement

Traditionally, citizens have navigated the administrative obligations associated with various life events, such as having a child, getting married, obtaining a driver’s license, or voting, by engaging with siloed government agencies at various touch points throughout their lives. At the same time, governments struggle to maintain the disparate legacy systems that support these interactions. Engaging Deloitte’s citizenCONNECT platform to move from these silo-based solutions to a centralized digital platform designed around the constituent not only unlocks the power of cloud, social, and mobile to better understand and address the current and future needs of citizens, but also allows governments to reduce the inefficiencies and costs associated with traditional models of public service.

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Licensing modernization services

With limited investment dollars and a strong need to drive economic growth, states need to make it easy to do business. Embracing digital services is a path to future growth that we’ve seen play out to great success in the private sector years ago. Digitizing licensing and permitting has the potential for one of the biggest payoffs. When states automate their licensing procedures—including inspections, code enforcement, application processing, and approvals—they can drive economic growth, meeting rising service expectations and achieving sustainable efficiency gains.

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Promoting student self-sufficiency

Higher education institutions continue to face critical business and technology challenges. Top institutions are expected to provide modern technology infrastructure to facilitate self-service learning, research, scheduling, course registration, career services, and more across various departments and schools. Similar to large organizations and governments, the tools and platforms used in higher education are siloed by major, school, and department. To stay competitive and deliver efficient experiences for faculty, staff, and students, proactive institutions are implementing cloud-based solutions such as studentCONNECT to facilitate the true purpose of higher education: learning.

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