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Connecting people to government services

Starting a new government digital transformation project has many of the same challenges as starting a new business. And with the additional complexity of collaborating and communicating across a network of departments, it’s even more important to implement a model that will facilitate the transformation of digital government experiences.

What can GovConnect do for you?

Government leaders are asked to respond to ever-changing policies and regulations without pausing to update systems. But now there’s a way to accelerate digital transformation for government with leading, configurable solutions that can help reduce risk, expedite delivery, and elevate the constituent experience.

Enter GovConnect: a suite of prepackaged accelerators built on cutting-edge SaaS platforms, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Appian, and others, to enable rapid delivery, modern user experiences, and lower overall IT costs.

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GovConnect helps facilitate innovation to help you deliver better mission experiences for your people and your constituents, faster.

  • Faster implementation with pre-packaged and pre-tested data models, screens, and workflows
  • Modern, streamlined user experience created through human-centered design
  • Lower development and maintenance costs through reuse of common platform capabilities
  • Agility to meet new requirements by enabling additional modules as needed
  • More efficient integrations with business specific functions through configurable setup
  • Greater interagency collaboration when components are reused across the enterprise

Connecting people, communities, and government

With experienced teams ready to help jump-start your journey, GovConnect brings innovation and scalable solutions together to address your most pressing challenges so you can focus more on meeting the needs of the people you serve.

Let’s work together to reimagine government service delivery.

  • Engage constituents through omni-channel experiences

  • Increase return from investments and innovation

  • Elevate human services and benefit programs

  • Centrally manage IT resources and risks

  • Strengthen and regulate labor and economic activity

  • Optimize supply chains and use of inventory and facilities

  • Enhance the power of the platform and deliver faster

  • Make better real-time decisions about public health

  • Redefine the talent experience

  • Adapt to the changing transportation landscape

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