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Every mission faces the need to modernize, innovate, and become more agile, responsive, and effective. Yet with modernization and innovation comes change and risk. With GovConnect, you can realize modernization and innovation faster and with less risk by using proven solutions that are composable and configurable to the needs of your organization and the people it serves.

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What can GovConnect do for you?

The clue is in the name: GovConnect solutions connect today's leading platform technologies with Deloitte's mission expertise and full-service capabilities to enable elevated human experiences for government workforces and the people they serve.

GovConnect is not packaged software you can’t control; instead, it’s a collection of public-sector configurable modules, components, AI co-pilots, and enabling tools that are infused with Deloitte’s experience, tailored to your mission, that natively run on cutting-edge platform technology including, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Snowflake, and others.

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Build connected, modern experiences for the people you serve with confident delivery from Deloitte.

  • Faster implementation with pre-packaged and pre-tested data models, screens, AI, and workflows
  • Modern, streamlined user experience created through human-centered design
  • Increased workforce productivity enabled by AI-assisted workflows
  • Lower development and maintenance costs through reuse of common platform capabilities
  • Agility to meet new requirements by enabling additional modules and AI capabilities as needed
  • More efficient integrations with business-specific functions through configurable setup

Connecting people, communities, and government

With experienced teams ready to help jump-start your journey, GovConnect brings innovation and scalable solutions together to address your most pressing challenges, so you can focus more on meeting the needs of the people you serve.

Let’s work together to reimagine government service delivery.

  • Advance your mission with AI

  • Engage constituents through omni-channel experiences

  • Increase return from investments and innovation

  • Elevate human services and benefit programs

  • Centrally manage IT resources and risks

  • Strengthen and regulate labor and economic activity

  • Optimize supply chains and use of inventory and facilities

  • Enhance the power of the platform and deliver faster

  • Make better real-time decisions about public health

  • Redefine the talent experience

  • Adapt to the changing transportation landscape

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