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Powering a new age of movement

Every day, millions of people travel on infrastructure solutions in data, analytics, customer strategy, and business insights powered by Deloitte. From services for the physical paths of movement to the solutions that provide and enhance the traveler experience, Deloitte’s advisory and technology experience can help organizations improve, optimize, and deliver proven results to travelers.

Transportation Trends 2022

The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) signed into law in 2021 represents a once-in-a-generation investment in America’s infrastructure. The law increases federal spending close to levels seen during the New Deal of the 1930s.

This massive infusion of federal funding is intended to reverse decades of inadequate investment in America’s infrastructure and to modernize facets of the nation’s transportation system, ranging from funding and finance to energy sources and design specifications.


Accelerate Your Possible

Departments of Motor Vehicles

Deloitte offers full-service Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) solutions to move agencies forward, regardless of where they are today. Deloitte’s Digital DMV assets and accelerators use digital technologies to deliver DMV services in a way that is more flexible for both customers and agency workers.

Public Transit

Deloitte works with pioneering transit leaders to better manage their legacy asset maintenance and life cycles, adopt new partnerships and tools to better serve their customers, and identify new strategies for ridership and revenue growth.

Tolling & Road Usage Charging

Deloitte supports the tolling sector’s continued technology modernization and innovation efforts. This journey is powered through our award-winning management consulting competencies paired with world-class technology solutions, brought to the tolling world, and infused with our knowledge across commercial sectors and government services.

Mobility Strategy and Analytics

Deloitte has the experience and the capabilities to help states leverage their investments and drive efficiency through planning and strategic insight. We work with states on strategies to prepare for the future of transportation mobility—including smart, connected, and automated transportation—as well as make agency process, portfolio, and asset management more effective and efficient.

Systemwide transportation transformation

The transportation sector has experienced enormous changes in the past decade. Leading agencies are pivoting to adopt new technologies, harness emerging modes, and better meet shifting customer preferences, but in this expanding mobility ecosystem, no one can go it alone. At Deloitte, we leverage our global network to bring the latest insights and innovative mobility solutions to bear on local challenges.

We understand your goals—from multimodal transportation options, on-time performance, and roadway safety to communitywide accessibility, greenhouse gas reduction, and climate resilience—and we bring new tools and multidisciplinary approaches to help you reach your destination.

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Anant Dinamani

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