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Mobility and Transportation

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States and local governments continue to work to deliver the best possible service to their constituents. The opportunities created by the Internet of Things (IoT) and emergence of widespread innovation (e.g. electrification adoption, drones, full multimodal ecosystems) have been a lot to keep up with. Whether you are an organization that manages bridges or ports, highways or skyways, you have opportunities to leverage new technologies and data to implement innovative programs that can help you meet your objectives. Whatever your organizational goals might be, Deloitte has capabilities to help you drive transformation, enhance your customers’ experience, and work with you to draw insights that enhance operations.

System-wide transformation

Advancements in technology are driving states to innovate (i.e. adopt new strategies, undergo system integrations, etc.) in order to meet citizen demands, especially in America’s fastest growing cities. Deloitte can help states optimize assets and resources, roadmap strategies, and transform digital processes to address regulatory requirements, meet safety challenges, and mitigate market disruption evolving in a rapidly changing environment. We incorporate analytics and insight to identify efficiencies and drive transformation.


Motor vehicles system modernization

In order to meet the growing and changing attitudes and demands in mobility, today’s state motor vehicle agency requires a flexible solution that aggregates disparate systems, leverages modern interfaces and technologies, and puts the focus on the citizen and employee experience.

State transportation and motor vehicle agencies can leverage Deloitte solutions to accelerate their development while also confirming that the result is tailored to their specific needs. In addition, our services include:

  • System integration: Deloitte can help state agencies design, develop, and implement motor vehicle solutions that encompass all aspects of driver, vehicle, and self-service functionality
  • Change management: Professionally crafted solutions to help organizations lessen the impact to their staff and ease the transition to new systems and business processes
  • Fraud detection and risk assessment: Extensive services specially designed to help jurisdictions detect, isolate, and resolve potential threats around the client’s end-to-end business

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Supporting departments of motor vehicles

Deloitte is proud to be an Associate Member of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and an active contributor at AAMVA activities and events. Deloitte also participates on the AAMVA Industry Advisory Board, contributing to enhanced communications and understanding between the private sector and state administrators.

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Airport innovation

There is an opportunity in many states to help improve the aviation experience for users. Congestion, the privatization of the air traffic control workforce, aging systems making airports vulnerable to cyberattacks, freight system stress caused by the proliferation of same-day deliveries, and many other large-scale projects are among the list of challenges that authorities and operators are looking to tackle.

Deloitte brings our capabilities in technology infrastructure modernization, customer experience and design, capital project management, tech/IoT innovation, and insider cyber risk threat mitigation to help you find solutions for your airport’s most difficult challenges.

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Departments of transportation (DOT) transformation

State and local departments of transportation are accountable for moving people, goods, facilities, and services in a safe and efficient manner. Many DOTs are challenged with safely managing growing populations, high congestion, and aging infrastructure. Addressing these challenges and creating great efficiency requires informed insights and new ways of looking at how to leverage technology and data.

Deloitte transportation professionals work with state transportation departments to help them solve a range of issues. We have the experience and the capabilities to help states leverage their investments and drive efficiency through planning and strategic insight. We work with states on strategies to prepare for the future of mobility—including smart, connected and automated transportation— as well as make Agency process, portfolio and asset management more effective and efficient.

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Smart city solutions as part of the vision

Integrating smart sensors/Internet of Things (IoT) into the environment provides a new way for the public to interact with infrastructure, and for citizens to engage leadership in a manner that promotes better communities. It can help make the infrastructure more relevant, useful, and sustainable. It also helps leaders become more responsive.

Learn more about Smart City

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The way we travel from point A to point B is changing, creating a new ecosystem of personal mobility. From innovations to augment transit’s first-mile-last-mile challenges to increasing the presence of bikeshare, mobility involves an ecosystem that considers all modes operating in concert to improve the traveler experience. The extended global automotive industry is also undergoing an unprecedented transformation to a new mobility ecosystem that we call a new age of accessible autonomy, driven by social trends and the driverless revolution. The pace of change is breathtaking, as established leaders and nimble disruptors make bold plays to win and governments look to catalyze the future of mobility.

Learn more about the Future of Mobility.

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