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Community Resource Engine

Connecting residents to community partners and governments

What if there was a way to securely and holistically connect citizens to government, health care, and community organizations they need? GovConnect Community Resource Engine is a public portal, powered by Salesforce, that allows residents who are in need of social or economic support to access government assistance programs and community resources all in one place. Residents are connected to resources that are powered by curated, recommended referrals that help improve self-sufficiency outcomes and gain independence.

Connecting humans, communities, and government

GovConnect Community Resource Engine provides residents with access to a modern and intuitive public-facing portal, powered by Salesforce, where they can discover and connect to resources provided by community partners and government agencies. GovConnect Community Resource Engine allows community partners the ability to view, curate and search suggested resources to residents.

Community Resource Engine Brochure

Data and outcomes-driven insights

Driven by data and outcomes analysis, the system proactively suggests packages of related and complementary resources to help residents discover what’s available (e.g., housing, food, employment). The system also tracks social determinants of health and includes robust tools for community partners to manage referrals for their services, allow government caseworkers to collaborate and coordinate care, and lets residents share feedback and report outcomes.

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GovConnect Community Resource Engine capabilities

GovConnect’s Community Resource Engine product capabilities include:

  • Searchable resources
  • Resource packages (archetypes)
  • Service cart
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Omni-channel communication
  • Personalized support
  • Referrals
  • Assessments of social needs
  • Outcomes measurement

Searchable resources
Online guided search of government and community resources available.

Resource packages (archetypes)
Curated packages of resources help residents discover and explore resources that match their situation.

Service cart
Provides the ability for community partners to recommend services to individuals and for individuals to track their resources.

Reports and dashboards
Built-in reports and dashboards provide powerful insights on referrals and outcomes.

Omni-channel communication
Text, chat, and email notifications and communications summarize current plan and next steps.

Personalized support
Intelligent recommendations supported by a framework recommends resources and plans based on several system inputs, which improve over time based on insights.

Referrals are made by community partners, navigators, and caseworkers for individuals to connect to recommended resources and supports.

Assessments of social needs
Through assessments partners can measure the needs of residents, refer residents to resources, and track success over time (e.g. housing, food, and transportation stability).

Outcomes measurement
Dashboards built on a back-end data model report and measure outcomes to optimize and tailor recommendations, providing powerful insights.

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