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Cloud Financial Management Services (FinOps) for the Government & Public Services Sector

Bringing visibility and accountability to your cloud costs

The cloud has completely transformed traditional IT. With hundreds of services across multiple cloud providers, it can be difficult to understand your cloud cost drivers, forecast and track your cloud spend, govern provisioning, and avoid waste through idle or underutilized infrastructure. Deloitte’s FinOps professionals can help you understand, control, and optimize your cloud spend, so you can make informed decisions and manage your budget.

Deloitte brings a deep understanding of our public-sector clients’ unique drivers, such as procurement cycles, various contractor teams, and “color of money,” to ensure the optimal stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

Maximizing the value of your cloud spend

Organizations can extract the maximum value from their cloud expenditure by implementing and continuing to mature capabilities across six FinOps domains.

How Deloitte delivers a FinOps ecosystem

We support your organization by building a FinOps ecosystem optimizing for every stage of your cloud journey with industry-leading tools, processes, and structures serving as the foundation to sustain momentum and maximize the value of your cloud return on investment.

Organizations with FinOps teams follow a set of iterative phases: Inform, Optimize, and Operate. Exercising this framework iteratively can help identify actions that may be most beneficial and in line with existing and future organizational maturity levels and capabilities, taking on more complex opportunities with each evolution.

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Deloitte approaches each of our public-sector clients with three main questions: What is the makeup of our environment? What are our opportunities to improve? How do we execute our goals? Through this framework, we operationalize the Inform, Optimize, Operate model.

Why Deloitte FinOps for the public sector?

Deloitte is a FinOps Certified Service Provider and a principal author of the U.S. Public Sector FinOps playbook, a key resource for our public-sector clients and FinOps professionals to guide the adoption of FinOps in public-sector organizations. Our team of more than 100 certified FinOps professionals has proprietary tools and years of experience bringing transparency, governance, and cost optimization to government agencies. Let us help you turn your cloud spend data into actionable insight so you can take control of the cloud budget.

We offer a broad array of resources to meet your ever-evolving FinOps requirements. Our audit, finance, technology-based management, and consulting practices bring vast credentialed experience to serve as a “one-stop shop” that few professional service providers can match.

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