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Deloitte US Drone Services brings the technical capabilities, relationships, and subject-matter proficiency to help clients navigate the disruptive and emerging world of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Striking a balance between innovation and risk mitigation, our team combines experience from across the UAS ecosystem, including UAS manufacturers, regulatory bodies, state and local governments, federal agencies, and other commercial vendors spanning all sectors, to assist clients with the integration of UAS into their businesses.

Drone market overview

The unmanned aerial systems industry is estimated at $19.3 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $45.8 billion by 2025.1 As of March 2020, the FAA announced that there are more than 1.5M drones registered, including 442K commercial and 1.1M recreational.2 Companies across industries are optimistic about the use of drones to perform critical activities such as medical sample delivery, infrastructure inspections, and imaging capabilities.3

In light of recent advancements in UAS threats, the C-UAS market is expected to grow from around $343 million in 2016 to $1.571 billion by 2023. Multipurpose use of UAS is driving state and local governments to invest in drone technology and research, with examples such as university pilot programs to pilot the smart city model.

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Our approach

Our team provides support along the advise, implement, operate framework. While each use case presents unique factors to consider, we evaluate each client’s individual needs using our standard approach to drive impactful results.

Our capabilities

In a rapidly evolving market, our team provides the services that help our clients identify the complex regulatory, technology, and financial impacts when evaluating the implementation of a UAS program.

UAS Program Development
Our team can help leaders assess the impact of implementing a UAS program and work through all phases of UAS program standup. From defining a business case to vendor support and obtaining the necessary waivers before operation, our professionals can help clients navigate a complex regulatory and technology landscape. With rapid advancements in UAS and supporting technologies, our team strikes a balance between innovation, cost, and risk mitigation to best serve our clients’ needs.

Ecosystem Planning
A successful UAS program is closely tied to many aspects of a local landscape, including regulatory bodies, existing air traffic, airspace limitations, local government agencies, and industry players. Our team can help UAS program leaders effectively integrate their program with all existing aspects of society through economic impact analysis, stakeholder engagement, policy support, pilot program development, market analysis, and UAM services.

Operation Management
After the development of a complete UAS strategy, our team can provide operation support for your UAS fleet. From the test and evaluation phase to data management and analytics to promote efficient operations, our team can provide support in all aspects of UAS operation. With our deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, we also provide waiver and flight planning services.

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR)
Advanced and integrated C5ISR capabilities are more mission-critical than ever—and bringing them online can be incredibly complex. And, more so than ever before, there is a rapid evolution of threats and technology advancements. As potential adversaries pursue these cutting-edge capabilities, they face fewer regulations and take greater risks. Our C5ISR capabilities, strategic alliances, and people enable us to effectively deliver these large-scale mission critical efforts faster and at a reduced cost in an effort to create a safer, more connected world.

1 DRONEII.com, “The Drone Market 2019-2024: 5 Things You Need to Know,” April 10, 2019.
2 FAA, “UAS by the Numbers,” March 10, 2020.
3 Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems, “8 Major Companies Using Drone Technology,” October 27, 2018.

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