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enterprise Intelligent Security Configuration Management as a Service

Addressing routine technology processes and cyber risks

Organizations spend enormous amounts of resources annually managing the security configurations of tens of thousands of devices. As an organization expands or teams with others, their responsibilities grow, requiring the protection of new capabilities and, most importantly, data. Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory offers continuous system and device configuration, including advanced, threat-aware secure configuration design and automated configuration execution using market-leading technologies.​

Creating an automated managed service to achieve efficient operations

Many organizations struggle to keep up with today’s increased rate of cyber threats. As an organization grows, the resources required to manage large volumes of security requirements and configuration data increases. Reliance upon home grown approaches to scan and review compliance data within enterprise computing environments has increased and become costly. Coupled with point or partial approaches, the lack of an integrated tool suite that fulfills end-to-end configuration and patching requirements has many organizations on a course with inevitable intrusion.

As IT resources expand, they become integrated with customer, mission, or partner data, making the need to protect against intrusions increasingly critical.

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s service offerings provide end-to-end automation and a growing set of capabilities:

  • Server and software provisioning/configuration
    enterprise Intelligent Security Configuration Management as a Service (eISCMS) reduces manual intervention via automated provisioning of new servers and rolls out new configurations in minutes versus hours. It is required for organizations that need resources to grow as fast as them.
  • Configuration compliance scanning/analysis
    eISCMS provides visibility and on-demand analysis of your IT or security environment by integrating our contentious scanning capability.
  • Configuration compliance remediation/reporting
    The ability to scan your environment only provides a point solution that may be inadequate to handle enterprise resource management needs. eISMCS provides the automated security remediation capability that turns scanning results into action.
  • Patch analysis and deployment
    It requires significant patching/updates from their vendors. Integrated with compliance reporting, eISCMS provides the ability to automate patch roll-outs during scheduled downtime.
  • Cyber reconnaissance
    Nobody can see into the future, but eISCMS integrates with collectors to gather and analyze data to provide IT resource owners threat awareness. eISCMS takes continuous monitoring further to provide near real-time sweeps against the threat landscape for an active awareness of everything happening in your environment.​

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Our experience

Demonstrated history of effective innovations
Our use-case-driven innovation environment leverages emerging technologies to continuously enhance our eISCMS offering. Built on our demonstrated delivery methodology, eISCMS leverages our deep technical experience, regulatory knowledge, IT vendor relationships, and access to our global network of skilled professionals.

Rely on our industry experience and knowledge
We have deep experience across every major sector and industry and bring broad context for understanding your particular set of cyber risk and business challenges.​

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Solution benefits

Unifying your organization
IT security and operations have different organizational performance metrics. The former has an ever-growing number of requirements that need to be implemented immediately, while the latter cannot afford the downtime required to support that effort. Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s approach allows for tailored deployment packages that decrease downtime and limit the clash between these departments, helping your organization remain focused on its mission.

Improve your organization’s velocity
The ability to promptly deploy a critical patch, respond to an intrusion, or enact preventive measures are capabilities inherent to Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s offerings. It is no longer sufficient to only scan and discover vulnerabilities. Our approach leverages that information to automatically remediate noncompliant findings and keep IT environments continuously hardened. Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory can also help deploy preventive measures that promote consistent security postures and promote mission continuity.

Free up resources to concentrate on your business objectives
Organizations tend to increase the number of resources to handle cyber threats. Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s approach can help alleviate the need for large amounts of resources and automate tasks performed by individuals.​

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