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The Future of Government Digital Contact Centers

Creating effective digital customer experience strategies

In the face of the current crisis, government leaders have had to re-evaluate how they connect with their stakeholders, customers and the people they serve. They are faced with the critical issue of how government digital contact center employees provide quality customer experiences, where contact center employees work, and how digital channels can be used to support the increase in call center volume. Government and public sector leaders must make swift, insight-informed decisions to support their digital contact center employees while helping people connect to critical services and benefits they need.

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Through our deep experience and breadth of relationships, we transform the way government workers connect with the people they serve. Our team of professionals brings decades of call center delivery, customer and user experience design, and process automation experience across various industries, from designing enterprise-wide transformational contact centers to rapidly standing up contact centers in crisis situations and deploying surge support staff alongside state-of-the-art technology for government clients.

Our government digital contact center services practice professionals provide end-to-end support for stand up, configuration, and operations of a government customer support contact center. This includes telephone support, agents, chatbot/voice to text, and multi-language support. We couple this technology experience with our capabilities to support the acquisition of specialized talent along with virtual on-boarding and training to support efforts. We can help our clients:

  • Create and deliver digital contact center strategy
  • Design, implement and operate omni-channel technology
  • Provide engineering consultation and implementation
  • Deploy and manage call center agents
  • Build technical infrastructure
  • Implement and operate tiered digital contact centers
  • Conduct workforce management
  • Apply innovation and implement automation
  • Advise on location services and facility design


Crisis Contact Centers

A crisis demands communication—fast. Front-line call center interactions can be a vital source of information about the challenges people might be experiencing because of the crisis. Read more on how government can quickly establish a contact center in times of need.

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Our contact center services are based on your needs and designed to fit your agency or organization. We are here to help address your pressing issues in real time, working alongside your team every step of the way. We bring significant industry experience; deep relationships with technology providers and leading vendors; years of working with call center environments, technologies, and architectures; and experience working with enterprises across stages of their technology and contact center journey. We lead the industry in our contact center capabilities and services with top ratings for breadth and depth from multiple analysts across contact center related services. From strategy to implementation to operations, we help manage an end-to-end transformation and implementation of your government and public sector contact center needs.

Coping with today’s COVID-19 challenges and thriving in tomorrow’s disruptive environment calls for enhanced capabilities in three areas: foresight, agility, and resilience.

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Shelly Metschan

Shelly Metschan

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Shelly is a managing director at Deloitte’s Government and Public Services sector, where she leads the multimillion-dollar Digital Contact Center practice. She brings more than 20 years of experience ... More

Marc Mancher

Marc Mancher

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Marc Mancher is a principal at Deloitte Consulting, where he founded the Deloitte government Contact Center business. Mancher has spent the last 25 years improving customer service through the use of ... More