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Where matters

With decades of industry-leading analytic and executive advisory experience, the Deloitte Geospatial Analytics practice helps government and commercial clients around the globe leverage the power of location to gain critical insights for improving their mission outcomes. Our dedicated team of analysts, software developers, data scientists, and strategists couple innovative data-driven approaches with cutting-edge geospatial solutions to deliver results—where it matters.

How we can help

In today’s global environment, location matters. Most data have a location component that, when enabled, opens new lines of analysis and understanding. Organizations are increasingly turning to geospatial technology to harness the power of location information to assist with the toughest business challenges. Our geospatial analytics practice helps you use information in new ways and integrate the latest technology for robust and affordable geospatial solutions.

  • With location core to almost all aspects of business, we help organizations recognize value and leverage geospatial technology across the enterprise. We combine our nationally-recognized geospatial specialists with experts in retail, logistics, customer engagement, human capital, finance, and risk management to unlock the power of location for your business.
  • When combined with our broader industry-leading data analytics, we go beyond developing location-based solutions. We integrate geospatial technology into a broad array of visualizations, explanatory and predictive modeling, and machine learning techniques to offer comprehensive, spatially enabled solutions for your business needs.
  • Our innovative use of data and emerging technologies helps clients address complex issues by using a broad array of solutions including mobile location analysis, cloud optimization, business intelligence analytics, and sensor network integration.

Strategy & Advisory

Whether your organization has recently realized the value of geospatial information or looking to optimize its use in new ways, Deloitte’s geospatial analytics services can help you transform your business with smart governance and technology integration roadmaps. We work with you to uncover the possibilities and then realize this value by building the right level and pace of change and integration of geospatial technologies. With planning and execution of a strong geospatial foundation, we help your organization build capabilities that create new strategic opportunities, partnership possibilities, and customer service areas.


With the proliferation of location-aware mobile devices and socially-enabled platforms, location information is being collected everywhere. Our geospatial practitioners help develop data, application, and enterprise solutions that bring new insight and integrate effectively with existing processes and technology.

  • Application Development: Customized mapping solutions integrated into mobile device applications, executive dashboards, and operational tools.
  • Interoperability Engineering: Enterprise architectures and integration of geospatial technology into enterprise systems
  • Data Service Integration: Continual improvement in the way geospatial data is controlled, managed, analyzed, and shared

Traits to put you on the Map: Know What’s Where

Geospatial analytics helps move beyond general awareness by looking for trends that provide historical perspective and predictive insight. With the proliferation of location-enabled mobile devices, the amount of geospatial data is increasing at a tremendous rate.

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Analysis & Visualization

Geospatial analytics helps move beyond general awareness by looking for trends that provide historical perspective and predictive insight. To help foster better decision-making, Deloitte’s geospatial analytics professionals compile and analyze geospatial information from your organization and other sources. These analytics help detect spatial trends, relationships, and patterns using map-based visualizations and more advanced analysis such as geostatistics, spatiotemporal modeling, network analysis, and geoparsing of web-based textual information.

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