Deloitte: Mission-ready defense transportation systems

Efficient defense supply chain and logistics solutions

Turning vision into reality

As intricate as a spider’s web, defense logistics and distribution networks are highly complex, far-reaching, and constantly evolving to support diverse missions in transporting vital resources from the “fort to the foxhole.” Deloitte’s Global Defense Transportation practice focuses on transforming capabilities to maximize the benefits of applying evolving digital and cyber technologies to this complex and changing landscape.

We integrate new technologies and processes with the existing network of systems to plan and execute transportation in all environments. Our industry-recognized, leading supply chain and network operations solutions and specialists guide organizations using digital supply networks to improve transparency, coordination, and reliability across the global supply chain.

Deloitte collaborates with our defense clients to understand and optimize transportation management systems, multimodal distribution networks, operational missions and sustainment, service provider sourcing, integration of commercial carrier and organic resources, tactical distribution operations, cyber mission assurance, audit readiness, and much more.

Our Perspectives

Modernizing technology and enabling workforce change

Technology is changing the world of defense logistics planning and solutions. The vision of a future-proofed transportation management system is to provide a robust tool for a dynamic mission environment, keeping users at the forefront of technology with commercial industry best practices. We support our clients as they strive to:

  • Meet cost and performance requirements with their customers
  • Implement world-class supply chain management systems that reduce manual planning and reduce and eliminate person-to-person transactions
  • Gain network and in-transit visibility and streamline invoice, pay, and audit processes
  • Implement out-of-the box technology solutions with minimal customization
  • Build robust capabilities with minimal system downtime
  • Manage back-office functions, such as maintaining routes, rates, contracts, reporting, and decision-making
  • Develop and train the workforce to reach the next level of mission effectiveness and profitability

Business and financial transparency

Financial resilience and auditability have never been more important than they are today in transportation management and operations. To build resilience and transparency, Deloitte brings a holistic approach to meeting financial improvement and audit readiness. Embracing flexibility and scalability, we put our extensive experience to work to deliver audit tactics and preparedness organizations can count on. Deloitte will help you:

  • Monitor, influence, and report financial transactions anywhere along your supply chain 
  • Provide transactional accountability of resources, enabling government compliance, stakeholder reporting, and data justification
  • Provide role-based visibility into transactional data
  • Enable customers to seamlessly monitor their own transactions, from plan to pay

Transportation mission assurance

Defense and commercial logistics and transportation management systems often are targeted by adversaries. Organizations require secure and reliable logistics information systems, especially in contested environments. With Deloitte, organizations can:

  • Tailor solutions to meet client demands for getting the material to the right place at the right time
  • Vet vendors through robust supplier risk management technologies
  • Leverage deployed technology to capture, store, and analyze data, leading to improvement in carrier performance, streamlined transportation lanes, improved negotiation position, and more
  • Visualize weather disruptions, traffic constrictions, port congestion, closed routes, and more to facilitate immediate decision-making and minimize disruption 
  • Plan and execute simultaneously during production to minimize guesswork and “what-ifs”

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Ray Briggs

Principal, Enterprise Performance, Supply Chain & Network Operations

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