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Government Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Prioritizing infrastructure agendas

United States’ airports, water treatment facilities, bridges, roads, electric grid, and rail have been on agendas for major improvements, but funding gaps and project inefficiencies continually hinder progress. As funding and financing options become available, how can government organizations prioritize, find innovative financing approaches, and better manage investments? Deloitte advises public sector clients with new techniques to analyze, prioritize, finance, and provide government infrastructure projects with enhanced visibility into cost, schedule, and quality.

Project selection to prioritize and align

Government organizations may leverage decision analytics to more carefully assess project costs and benefits, and strategically align with organizational objectives. Our team provides information and help with long-term planning by focusing on project feasibility, enhancing return on investment, mitigating risk, and providing leading practices governance procedures.

Learn how construction analytics can help mitigate risk and plan for success.

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Three strategies to help maximize the impact of government spending

It's important for governments to make public infrastructure spending decisions based on obtaining the greatest public good rather than just focusing on selecting projects based on what is politically palatable. New tools like construction analytics can help governments promote and deliver critical infrastructure projects on time and budget.

Learn more about Public infrastructure prioritization.

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Innovative financing and procurement

There are several approaches to financing infrastructure projects including Public-Private-Partnerships and employing innovative funding sources to close the gap. Deloitte has worked with state, local, and federal agencies to help develop financing strategies and modernize the procurement process so that projects are delivered more efficiently, leveraging the private sector’s investment capacity and expertise.

Learn more about financing and procurement innovations in Infrastructure and Smart City projects.

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Money brain

Programmatic approach to drive confidence

Mega-projects may be risky. Leaders and agencies may be more likely to support projects if there is stronger confidence around delivering those projects. Deloitte takes a strategic and programmatic approach to provide information to clients to building confidence around the specific elements of project management, including:

  • Investment confidenceMake decisions that strategically align with organizational objectives.
  • Delivery confidenceBuild a suitable structure, systems, and controls to deliver capital projects.
  • Cost & schedule confidenceEffectively plan, manage, and control project cost and schedule.
  • Digital capital projectsHarness abundant data to create insights in digestible and actionable form.

Learn more about our Engineering and Construction Consulting Services.

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Digital innovations for new insights

There is so much data, often maintained in separate systems, not to mention the new types of data that is likely to be collected from drones and wearables. Agencies may benefit by the ability to monitor construction risks at the portfolio level and drill down into the project level. This helps project managers turn data into insights to better manage their construction portfolio.

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BIM in infrastructure projects

2017 report on business value and benefits of building information modeling (BIM)
A new report published by Dodge Data & Analytics, sponsored by Deloitte, and produced in conjunction with AutoDesk, explores the growing use of BIM in infrastructure projects. Learn more about the benefits of BIM and the positive ROI organizations are realizing.

Learn more about BIM in infrastructure projects.

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Smart city solutions as part of the vision

Integrating smart sensors/Internet of Things (IoT) into the built environment provides a new way for the public to interact with infrastructure. It makes our infrastructure more relevant, useful, and popular. Smart city initiatives may also have the benefit of shared revenue models.

Smart City, Smart Nation

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