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Government Learning and Public Sector Training

The demand for federal employee training programs

Integrated. Agile. Transformational. Optimized. These are the characteristics of public sector learning in the future. And the future is now. Why? Because jobs are rapidly changing, which means new skills and capabilities are needed today. Deloitte is leading the movement to build a learning ecosystem that delivers unique, data-driven employee training and leadership programs that empower everyone to learn, develop, and succeed.

Transformation Vision for Government Learning

Creating a culture of learning is central to the future of work. It's also the key to shaping an agency into a more adept and agile employer. Explore Deloitte's five critical components to successfully building a new government learning ecosystem, plus, case studies to help you accelerate your learning transformation journey.

Transformation Vision for Government Learning

Listen now: Future-proofing the workforce through a culture of continuous learning podcast

Our Moving the Needle discussions create dialogue on practical ideas for transformational change in public sector. Listen to our team’s interview with Fred Drummond, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense with Force Education and Training, as we cover the importance of strong government-industry relationships and the critical roles that reskilling and upskilling play within the future of learning.

Deloitte industry trends and solutions on government learning

The social enterprise at work: Paradox as a path forward
Globally, employees rate the “opportunity to learn” as among their top reasons for taking a job, and leaders know that changes in technology, longevity, work practices, and business models have created a tremendous demand for continuous, lifelong development. Shifts in the world of work and increasing worker expectations are driving organizations to approach learning in a more integrated way. Searching for tools in the learning solutions market that can support development initiatives is overwhelming. Government buyers of learning solutions are often focused on how to build the perfect learning technology stack—but how can they best leverage technology to support an agile and sustainable learning strategy?
Redefine how learning delivers value for your agency
Stand-alone training programs are a concept of the past. Instead, cutting-edge learning and development solutions build an integrated network of accessible, user-friendly, and interactive experiences. Imagine—and create—a platform that sparks immersive and experiential learning programs that go far beyond lectures and slideshows for higher employee engagement and better training outcomes—all for a stronger mission impact.
New approaches to soft skills training
As the future of work continues to evolve, employees are under mounting pressure to learn new skills, with an increased demand for competencies like creative thinking, problem-solving, and managing teams. This raises a big question: How can we effectively help people cultivate their human capabilities? By leveraging AR/VR and artificial intelligence breakthroughs, agencies can offer immersive learning experiences that can develop soft skills as effectively as task-specific ones.
From jobs to superjobs
As machines assume multiple repeatable tasks routine to the workforce, many jobs will rapidly evolve into what we call “superjobs”—the newest job category that changes the landscape of how organizations think about work. Today’s workforce requires human skills in problem-solving, communication, interpretation, and design. Preparing for that shift is essential for high-performing organizations that want to retain—and grow—their workforces.
Bringing resilience to life in government
Embodying resilience within an organization starts with setting the tone at the top. To thrive in tumultuous times, a focus on cultivating and aligning courageous leaders, enabling high-performing teams and organizations, and bringing leadership and teams together to meet the mission during a crisis and beyond helps leaders adapt and bounce back quickly in the face of adversity.

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