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Keeping pace with the advanced threats our society continues to present requires an advanced and modernized approach to our nation’s security. Our team implements digital government transformation (DGx) across all branches of the military, agencies of the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice to create impact for each of these critical organizations protecting our homeland.

A holistic view of transformation

Fundamentally changing workforce operations through wearables and IoT. Transforming end-to-end R&D processes through AI and human–machine collaboration. Using autonomous vehicles, AI, and predictive analytics to reimagine an organization’s supply chain. Transforming supply chains with digital thread and additive manufacturing. These are just a few of the ways the defense, security, and justice sector has benefited from digital transformation.

The typical approach to technology transformation is to view it largely as the implementation of new tools. However, digital government transformation takes a holistic view across all facets of an organization and develops a full shift into modernization that fundamentally transforms the way the organization operates.

This holistic transformation is key to facing the challenges presented in our world. The threats continue to advance, and we cannot take a reactionary stance. Digital transformation can help generate the momentum that keeps our nation moving forward—not just at the pace of changing technology, but ahead of the game.

Responding to today's emerging challenges

Our DGx team offers agencies multiple services across six different dimensions, which can be shaped to meet the specific needs of any organization within defense, security, and justice:

DGx elements


Establish a vision of where the transformation is going and chart a path for bringing it to life.


Put stakeholders first; capture and assess their feedback; translate that feedback into action.

Data and technology

Enhance enterprise means for capturing, transmitting, storing, and processing data.



Talent and culture

Provide the workforce with opportunity to adopt new solutions, behaviors, and mindsets.


Identify, generate, incubate, pilot, and scale innovative solutions systematically.


Ensure that investments are complementary, coordinated, and make the best use of resources.



When delivered in a coordinated manner, DGx efforts can not only help organizations respond to the emerging challenges of the 21st century, but also improve operational outcomes and fundamentally redefine the relationship between government and its customers.

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte’s Government & Public Services practice is designed for impact. Our team of more than 20,000 professionals brings a fresh perspective to help you anticipate disruption, reimagine the possible, and fulfill your mission promise.

We also have a broad network of alliances that can help take your digital transformation to the next level:

  • Deloitte was named a strong performer in Microsoft Business Applications services by Forrester in its report titled The Forrester Wave: Microsoft Business Applications Services, Q4 2021.
  • Deloitte was recognized as one of the Best Google Cloud Managed Service Providers in Solutions Review’s annual list.

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