Federal Health Digital Transformation Services

Strengthening the government health sector

The health landscape in the US has changed rapidly over the last few years, with the COVID-19 pandemic illuminating the need for digital transformation in the public sector. Learn how our team can help federal health agencies transform to better support the millions of people who interact with government health care programs.

Keeping pace with the changing health landscape

From virtual health care to data privacy to system interoperability, digital transformation is needed to respond to the health needs of citizens, active-duty military, and veterans today. The pandemic has accelerated many of the trends already in motion in the health sector, such as an increased emphasis on digitization of the customer and patient experience, utilization of innovative technologies for implementation partners and the government workforce, and the need for greater transparency and interoperability of systems.

To keep pace, health agencies must collect, utilize, and protect data in new ways, break down silos that keep IT departments and individuals separate from their organization’s mission, and improve the ability to access and incorporate customer feedback into actual program design and delivery.

Achieving missions with digital technologies

Our digital government transformation (DGx) team can tap into a vast ecosystem of services, capabilities, alliances, and offerings to meet these evolving challenges and transform agencies—no matter where they are in their digital transformation journey. We also have deep sector knowledge in commercial health industry, as well as across the government and non-profit sectors, and are committed to working with health agencies to transform the way they deliver value to their stakeholders.

Developing new digital strategies
Our practice brings deep knowledge and expertise in digital strategy and roadmap development, data governance, advanced analytics, and cognitive capabilities. Imagine a world in which research labs or pharmaceutical testing facilities could be monitored and inspected remotely using digital technologies such as augmented reality or wearables, increasing both the frequency and efficiency of these necessary protocols. We believe that future is now.

Designing new customer experiences
We specialize in human-centered design, helping agencies understand and improve their customer’s journey at every step of the process. In the digital transformation space, this means digital program design for customer experience, digital marketing campaigns and engagement, and use of customer relationship and feedback management tools.

Promoting supply chain resiliency
We also help our health clients illuminate and digitize their supply chains, which has been ever more important in the wake of the pandemic. Through our wide range of offerings—including real-time connected supply chain systems, additive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles—we can help our government clients keep pace with private industry and the ever-changing global supply chain.

Building the workforce of the future
Our award-winning Human Capital practice is a leader in Future of Work initiatives, arming organizations and employees with next generation skills, tools, and approaches to thrive in the 21st century. Our work centers on tooling the workforce with digital skills, adapting the workplace for hybrid employment models, and redesigning the work to embrace digital and help employees better deliver on their missions.

Integrating cybersecurity in a data-driven health environment
Lastly, we can help federal health agencies with data access, privacy, and protection standards, which is increasingly important as health care data becomes more widely shared, collected, and analyzed than ever before. We account for cybersecurity considerations when designing and creating data flows, by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) capabilities, or in the mapping of data ecosystems. We believe the future of health is built on safe and secure data connectivity, which can both empower the public to guide their health and allow agencies to deliver more personalized and proactive services.

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte’s Government & Public Services practice is designed for impact. Our team of more than 20,000 professionals brings a fresh perspective to help you anticipate disruption, reimagine the possible, and fulfill your mission promise.

Not only has Deloitte been recognized as a leader in the digital transformation space, we also have a strong network of alliances that can help take your transformation to the next level:

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