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Deloitte’s Government & Public Services (GPS) practice is committed to improving public outcomes and helping government agencies provide efficient services by delivering solutions built on AWS to accelerate your mission.

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Today, people expect their experiences with the public sector to match those of the private sector—including fast, intuitive interactions. But relying on legacy technology that is not secure and is expensive to maintain inhibits the public sector from truly innovating to meet these demands and lessens their impact. With a global network, migration tools, solution accelerators, and industry-leading Cloud Managed Services, Deloitte’s Government & Public Services (GPS) practice empowers government agencies to provide maximum impact with efficient services built on AWS that accelerate innovation and improve their constituents’ experience.

At Deloitte, we blend our role as trusted adviser and AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Tier Consulting Partner to assist you in making an impact that matters, whether you are planning your migration strategy or looking to further improve an existing cloud deployment. Together with AWS, we operate where innovation meets impact—delivering a powerful cloud platform to help elevate your business initiatives and to achieve your business goals.

Making an impact that matters for our clients

At Deloitte, we deeply understand that every cloud transformation is unique, and we see what cloud is and how it can put emerging technologies into the hands of your people to help them make more informed decisions and take advantage of productivity gains. Explore how we’ve helped our clients achieve their mission outcomes and provide services to citizens, faster.

Deloitte Solutions for Government & Public Services on AWS

Government agencies routinely face complex challenges, and Deloitte’s Government & Public Services practice meets these challenges with curiosity, ingenuity, and forward-thinking solutions. Deloitte specializes in flexible, scalable cloud migration and optimization services that help government agencies respond to a wide variety of organizational needs: from faster solutions, to improved user experiences, to more efficient agency oversight. 

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