Meaningful climate action is a once-in-a-generation opportunity

We can help improve public sector resilience and sustainability, enhance readiness, and drive equitable growth

With extreme weather events increasing in frequency and severity across the globe, and consequences of the climate crisis becoming more tangible, governments are faced with an unprecedented challenge and opportunity to address climate change.

Deloitte works with government at all levels to take climate action and build a more sustainable and equitable world by reducing emissions, increasing resilience, and driving inclusive and equitable growth. We look at climate change as a whole. Mitigation and adaptation can be synergistic.

Powered by data, analytics, and technology, our solutions are designed to help translate evolving and complex knowns and unknowns into impactful climate outcomes for the public sector and the communities and constituents they serve.

Accelerating climate action in the public sector

Deloitte climate facts at a glance

Accelerating climate action in the public sector

Deloitte’s approach brings understanding and a path forward to address the complex climate ecosystem where government processes interact—helping clients take a systematic approach to addressing climate challenges and leveraging climate opportunities.

Deloitte works with clients to find a balance of risk, resilience, adaptation, mitigation, emergency preparedness, equity, and economic impacts to offer data-driven climate solutions. We deliver solutions at every level of government—federal, state, and local—and tailor our services to the unique climate needs of our clients.

Weaved into our approach are Deloitte’s core cross-cutting consulting services—strategy, innovation, data analytics, and change management—to drive further climate impact for the public sector and a focus on the application of next-generation digital solutions to accelerate climate action.

The Climate Innovation Collaboratory

Deloitte and University of Colorado Boulder built the Climate Innovation Collaboratory to accelerate research and action to address the climate crisis. The alliance will focus on a wide range of climate priorities, including building public-private innovation and entrepreneurship capacity, expanding the translation and deployment of technologies, enhancing organizational decision-making with climate science data, improving the analysis of energy systems, and advancing climate equity for the public sector.

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Deloitte’s climate action offering

As part of our commitment to climate action and helping our clients achieve mission-focused and equitable climate goals, we provide an integrated and complementary range of climate and sustainability solutions, focused on:

Doing our part: Deloitte’s climate commitments

To help create momentum toward Paris Agreement goals, Deloitte launched WorldClimate, our global strategy to drive responsible climate choices within our organization and beyond.

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