Service Delivery and Efficiency

No more low hanging fruit?

Most of the low hanging fruit has been picked. Future approaches to cost reduction and customer-focused service delivery require more transformative thinking and action. Deloitte can assist finance, human resources, and program leaders in developing their vision, strategy, design, and execution of sustainable transformation across government operations. We bring deep public sector experience and broad private sector insights to help governments cut hidden costs across a wide range of areas and lay a foundation for renewed fiscal sustainability.

How we can help

Deloitte works with state and local government leaders to adopt innovative, customer-focused approaches to service delivery, while realizing significant operating and program savings. Bottom line, we help position you to lead organizational transformation focused on improving the quality and effectiveness of service delivery.

We offer:

  • Cost Recovery and Restructuring
  • Shared Services
  • State and Local Innovation and Modernization (SLIM government)
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Transformation
  • Performance Analytics
  • Real Property, Fleet, and other Capital Asset Management
  • Easier to do Business
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Revenue Advisory Services

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State and Local Innovation and Modernization (SLIM government)

Government agencies are exploring how to be more efficient and effective in the face of a new fiscal reality. We assist government leaders with conducting an organizational operating and service delivery model assessment, complete with defined business cases, that can demonstrate the opportunities for improved efficiencies in customer-centric business processes. Using our IndustryPrintTM tool, Deloitte can help redesign, improve, and implement your organization’s new service delivery processes.

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Shared Services

We can help support you in creating and implementing a road map to achieving increased efficiency, control, and value from your back-office operations through the improvement and consolidation of redundant processes and systems into service-oriented organizational units that foster improved customer service delivery.

Learn more about Shared Services strategies

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Deloitte’s global shared services survey results

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

Deloitte can assist you in identifying strategic sourcing opportunities and realizing the near-term benefits of our Procurement Transformation Framework and associated industry leading methodologies in achieving organizational procurement reform.

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Performance Analytics

Analytics used to be the domain of a few select teams buried deep in the business. Today, it lands on the agendas of most CXOs. Deloitte can assist you in assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of your administrative and operating programs using Big Data analytics. Our methods and tools can help improve your organization through an ongoing process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting performance indicators to help you gain business insights and make more effective decisions.

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Real Property, Fleet, and other Capital Asset Management

Using our Enterprise Asset Management Framework, Deloitte can assist you in defining your asset management strategy, work processes, and supporting technologies to provide a consistent and flexible approach to implementing asset management solutions and leading practices.

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Easier to do Business

Whether it is identifying opportunities for economic development, centralizing customer contact points, or providing input on tax policy, Deloitte can help make it easier for businesses to do business in your state. We can leverage our unique experiences in tax and consulting to provide insight and perspective that can help states make the decisions that drive business, create employment, and develop a growing tax base.

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Mobile Solutions

Our solutions offer real world applications to revenue-specific problems within a mobile platform. These solutions range from interactive real-time information on government services, to secure field-based case management access for field auditors and case workers, and payment capabilities for constituent and business tax payments; all coupled with GPS-related features and functions. While the actual solutions serve as preconfigured capabilities, they likewise demonstrate the possibilities for this new emerging service delivery platform within the industry.

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Revenue Advisory Services

Deloitte is positioned to provide a range of revenue-related advisory services. Whether it is leveraging our commercial experience for cash management, auditing existing systems and controls, project management services, or using our preexisting industry models for business process re-engineering, we have the tools and experience to assist with your revenue advisory needs.

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Meet the leaders

Christina Dorfhuber

Christina Dorfhuber

Public Sector Core Government Services Leader

Christina leads Public Sector Core Government Services for Deloitte Consulting LLP. She is responsible for managing the firm’s delivery in government cost reduction, customer relationship management, ... More