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Cybersecurity Services for State Government

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Transforming state government to interact with citizens in real time, across multiple technology platforms, creates cyber risk. It’s unavoidable. But it doesn’t have to derail progress. As a recognized leader in cybersecurity, Deloitte can help you navigate stakeholders and facilitate the evolution of your cyber risk program. Our Secure.Vigilant.Resilient.™ approach, coupled with new ways of engaging, can provide you with options to better manage cyber risk so you can focus on your mission. Let’s make progress together.

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Build a secure, vigilant, and resilient cyber risk program to protect citizen information

State organizations need to understand their cyber security risk profile and threat landscape by performing a foundational risk assessment. Deloitte can assess the status of agency and statewide security programs and help establish risk-prioritized controls to protect against known and emerging threats, and comply with standards and regulations. Our services include the complete lifecycle of advisory, implementation and managed services: Cyber Risk Assessment Services; Security & Privacy Program Implementation; Application Security Assessment, Design and Remediation; Continuous Monitoring and threat analytics; Business Continuity/Resilience; and Cyber Workforce Development.

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2018 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study

The Fifth Biennial Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study reflects insights from all 50 states on the chief information security officers (CISOs) role and budget, governance, reporting, workforce, and operations. US state CISOs have an opportunity to pursue three “bold plays” that can help them address persistent budgetary and talent challenges to improve and safeguard their state’s cybersecurity posture and IT infrastructures.

Learn more about the 2018 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study.

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Improving California state government cybersecurity: A case study

The California Cybersecurity Integration Center’s (Cal-CSIC) voluntary information sharing model provides statewide support to agencies, service providers, academic institutions, and private-sector organizations. And as this case study reveals, this model also helps the Cal-CSIC give state leadership a unified view into cyber threats.

Read more about the spotlight on California Cybersecurity Integration Center.

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Enable seamless and secure access to online citizen services

State governments are challenged with siloed Identity & Access Management (IAM) technologies and processes. To provide citizens seamless access to online state services, states need to move to a consolidated IAM strategy that supports the business model. Deloitte’s IAM services include: IAM Strategy and Implementation, IAM Management, Identity Correlation & Intelligence, NSTIC-driven IAM, Social Media Logins, and Secure Cloud Access.

Working with Deloitte, Michigan’s Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) created the MILogin user identity management solution. MILogin centralizes user identity and access management across state agencies, applications, and services to provide account holders with a single sign-on that protects their private data through strong authentication.

Learn more about the DTMB-Deloitte MILogin solution.

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Protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats

Increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks on critical infrastructure have put governments worldwide on high alert. Most states have established cyber risk programs focused on citizen data protection but cybersecurity specifically for critical infrastructure is typically a missing piece in those programs.

This report provides an overview on the cyber risks and ideas for leading a statewide, public-private collaboration for addressing cyber security for critical infrastructure.

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Managed Cyber Risk Services

Deloitte offers a suite of Cyber Risk Managed Services to help government agencies elevate their cyber risk operations and better achieve mission goals. Our managed services feature industry-leading capabilities that can be tailored to your organization’s specific risks. Deloitte offers scalable and flexible pricing solutions with embedded quality control to help drive operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With all our managed services, we look for ways to leverage automation to help promote efficiency and innovation. In addition, our managed services can be provided on-premises or through a hosted cloud infrastructure to align with your organizational strategy.

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Design a vigilant security platform to continuously monitor and protect citizen information

As it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent infiltrations and unauthorized activity, state organizations need threat awareness and advanced detection and intelligence solutions to rapidly identify unauthorized or anomalous activity in their environments. State organizations should develop a comprehensive, ongoing security platform to monitor potential cybersecurity issues. Vigilant by Deloitte services include: continuous monitoring, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM), Security Compliance Remediation and Managed Security Services.

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