Engineering and construction companies

Cracking the collaboration code with mobility

This report, which is based on a survey of engineering and construction (E&C) executives, assesses the current and potential future mobility adoption in the E&C industry. The report provides recommended strategies to increasingly use mobile to collaborate, track, and share information.

Our survey reveals

A recent Deloitte Center for Financial Services survey of engineering and construction (E&C) executives revealed that all respondent companies use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for work-related activities. They also use broadband extensively, with 4G emerging as the predominant network connection for 75 percent of respondent companies.

The factors contributing to the increasing importance of mobile connections are clear. As with many other kinds of organizations, mobile devices are no longer just a mode of communication, but can now enable many activities and tasks in E&C.

They survey reveals:

  • Respondents highlight greater productivity (96 percent), data timeliness (83 percent), and higher employee satisfaction (67 percent) as the most important benefits of mobility
  • 67 percent of respondent companies believe that mobility is an important or the most important part of their technology strategy
  • However, many E&C companies have yet to leverage the demonstrated benefits of mobility

What could be the challenges preventing in-depth mobility adoption? Do E&C companies face issues integrating the new technologies with existing IT systems? Do security and privacy concerns or network speed and bandwidth pose problems? Download the perspective to learn more.

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