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2022 Transparency Report

Deloitte US

The Deloitte US Transparency Report is published annually. It contains detailed disclosures of our legal structure, governance, and the system of quality controls we employ in our Audit & Assurance business.

Quality is the foundation of our profession, and our brand is defined by the high-quality audit and assurance services we deliver each and every day. We’re proud of our quality-first culture and the ways our professionals demonstrate our collective commitment to professional excellence through the highest standard of execution on each of their engagements. Our significant investments in our workforce and our digital platforms position us to deliver on our responsibilities to the investing public and the capital markets today and into the future.

The 2022 Transparency Report provides a deep dive into our structure, governance, and approach that is grounded in a strong system of quality controls. We publish this report annually to provide disclosure on certain categories of information identified in the United States and European Union standards related to corporate governance and transparency.

The content in this report is responsive to the categories of information identified in the European Union’s Directive on Statutory Audit 2006/43/EC for our fiscal year ended May 28, 2022. We appreciate the opportunity to highlight our progress.

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