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COVID-19 5x5: Shoring up cybersecurity

A five-minute read on cybersecurity insights and actions

From pandemic-related phishing threats to remote workers using personal devices, COVID-19 has presented a wide range of cybersecurity challenges for organizations. Explore five actions you can take today to manage the cybersecurity and privacy risks related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 cybersecurity and privacy strategies

There’s limited precedent into how COVID-19 will impact the technology-reliant business world today. Unlike past epidemics, COVID-19 has caused discrete financial "shocks" and broader day-to-day disruption, which will likely lead to secondary and tertiary cyber implications. Remote work increases the need for security monitoring, threat intelligence, attack surface management, threat hunting, data loss prevention, and employee awareness and training programs to combat cyber threats.

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5x5: Cybersecurity and privacy

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