Transforming business resilience

Predictive and proactive business continuity management

Business resilience is both a plan and a toolkit to help organizations recover, replace, or rebuild critical business processes in the wake of disruption.

A risk-based world

The world in which we live is changing, and the threats we face in the 21st century seem to be growing both in volume and complexity. Each day, we grow more connected in terms of technology, economics, and infrastructure than we have ever been in the past.

While natural disasters often grab headlines, human-caused events can also have widespread consequences. Because these crises and disruptions are so deeply linked with the very nature of the businesses we conduct and how we pursue them, it’s increasingly important to view risks as more intrinsic and ubiquitous than exceptional. They are no longer once-in-a-lifetime concerns.

In other words, risks are a part of the spectrum of operational factors that organizations should build around. To encompass those factors means focusing not just on “recovery,” but also on agility and ever-greater resilience so as to reduce the impact of events and speed up response. In short, organizations should consider the risk of their business decisions, integrating and strengthening their traditional crisis management capabilities under a new rubric that prepares them to be ready for anything.​

Download the PDF to read the full article, which first appeared in Issue IV of Inside magazine, published by Deloitte Luxembourg.​

Crisis management solutions

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Crisis management solutions provide resilience and disaster management services to clients in nearly every industry and supply chain, helping them sense, prepare for, respond to, and recover from major crisis events. Our professionals have experience across all phases of the crisis management lifecycle in the areas of strategy, policy and planning, governance, financial and regulatory compliance, capital projects and infrastructure oversight, housing recovery, business intelligence, data analytics and reporting, geospatial analysis, human capital, stakeholder engagement, outreach, and more.

Our crisis management approach is designed to stay ahead of growing threats caused by critical events. It begins by identifying and preparing for strategic risks, and it spans a broad portfolio of activities—from simulation and monitoring to response and communications.

Learn more about Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s crisis management insights that help leaders both prepare for and act when a crisis occurs.

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