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Vigilant threat studies

Insights for better threat management and response

Threat Studies are detailed reports reflecting research on ongoing threats or emerging threat trends, typically focused on specific threat actors or technical issues that are persistent over time. These studies contain detailed information on adversary tools, techniques and practices (TTPs) and associated indicators of compromise (IoCs). The threats identified for study are chosen based on their relevance and impact to our clients, and to provide coverage of threat areas that are not currently being reported by other contributors in the broader threat research community.

The evolution of the Nymaim Criminal Enterprise

This paper traces the shifts and uses of the Nymaim family of malware from its original downloader to its more recent GozNym banking Trojan variant (September 14, 2016).

Hacktivism: A defender’s playbook

This tactical guide arms organizations with the intelligence needed to know the adversary and their tactics, and to implement the right security measures to mitigate risk, today, and for the future (August 12, 2016).

Ransomware: Holding your data hostage

This study reviews the history of ransomware, describes common infection vectors and ransomware types, and proposes strategies for detection, remediation, and recovery (August 12, 2016).

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