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Solvas|ALLL+™: Deloitte's CECL Technology Solution

Leading technology solution to help manage and estimate the CECL allowance and operationalize the end-to-end process

Complying with the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) standard, current expected credit loss (CECL), and responding to the rapid market changes is requiring institutions to look for a robust CECL technology solution with scalability, transparency, and flexibility. Solvas|ALLL+ is a demonstrated technology solution that provides advanced software features and analytical tools and enables oversight of the allowance process while facilitating collaboration across credit, accounting, finance and risk functions.

Leveraging technology for data, modeling, accounting, and reporting

Solvas|ALLL+ is an integrated technology solution that provides data aggregation tools, credit model options, cash flow engine, accounting rulesets, reporting, and data visualizations. The platform is designed to evolve with changes in data structure, accounting policies, model assumptions, methodologies, and industry practices that may occur over time and impact your CECL process. Solvas|ALLL+ serves as your system of record, providing a repository of loan and model-related data, an intuitive CECL workflow, user-defined parameters and settings, disclosures and sensitivity and what-if analysis within a controlled environment.

"The work put in preparing for CECL along with the ease of use and flexibility of Solvas|ALLL+ functionality allowed us to effectively and efficiently navigate the quickly changing forecasts that needed to be considered during Q1 2020."

– SVP,
National financial institution

Solvas|ALLL+ experience

Solvas|ALLL+ is a cost-effective, scalable technology product with a broad range of user-defined configurations and credit model capabilities to support your CECL framework. Components of the Solvas|ALLL+ experience include:

“Solvas|ALLL+ allows us to calculate a reserve in a straightforward and transparent manner. While other applications are more of a black box, we feel comfortable with the calculations used to derive our reserve.”

– VP, Banking and financial services company

Transitioning to the Solvas|ALLL+ platform

Solvas|ALLL+ can help your organization get back on track with your CECL process in as few as 30 days. The experienced business and technology teams and effective implementation strategy of our CECL solution provides many benefits, including:

  • Access to Deloitte’s deep accounting, regulatory, and quantitative experience
  • Comprehensive implementation project program
  • Experienced support team throughout the implementation process
  • Transition, conversion and implementation to Solvas|ALLL+ can be accomplished in as few as 30 days
  • System user access controls throughout the implementation process
  • Proactive project status meetings
  • Online access to the Solvas|ALLL+ user manual, credit model information and technical documentation
  • Structured training provided on-site
  • Procedural documentation provided to evidence the complete implementation cycle

"Our CECL implementation was seamless in large part due to the effectiveness of the Solvas|ALLL+ application platform."

- SVP, National financial institution


“The SOLVAS|ALLL+ support team adds significant value. We trust their partnership to quickly work through challenges and ensure we’re getting the most out of the system”

– Manager, Diversified financial services company

Preparation for CECL compliance

As companies evaluate their CECL readiness and complete their implementation, the calendar can be one of their most significant challenges. As a result, the importance of conducting "parallel run" testing that’s sufficient, effective, and informative can’t be overstated.

Solvas|ALLL+ can provide a level of transparency in the modeling and workflow process, plus the efficiency in data management and integration, to help support a timely implementation and parallel run expected for the CECL transition or implementation.

CECL compliance effective dates are looming:

  • January 1, 2020, for public business entities that are SEC filers
  • January 1, 2023, for all non-SEC filers and non-public business entities

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