Cloud Security Policy Orchestration

Deloitte’s approach to shift-left security

Managing security in the cloud and driving business enablement by embracing both security and digital transformation together can be a challenge for even the most mature enterprises, and those challenges can be compounded in multi-cloud environments. Cloud Security Policy Orchestration (CSPO), a policy-driven approach to shift-left security, can help with broad visibility into cloud assets across the multi-cloud landscape and enforce security policy-as-code uniformly across the software development life cycle.

Cloud Security Policy Orchestration
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Common challenges of managing cloud security

With a multi-cloud infrastructure deployment, many organizations:

  • Lack contextualized visibility into overall cloud security posture across a multi-cloud infrastructure deployment
  • Experience fatigue from multiple security alerts, making it a challenge to prioritize security issues that require attention
  • Lack tools to enable proactive security via DevSecOps and shift-left methodologies
  • Are not able to uniformly apply security policies across the software development life cycle
  • Experience limited integration and automation to uniformly handle security responses, including alerting, ticketing, and remediation

Gain confidence when facing the latest cyber and
strategic risk challenges while delivering predictable cybersecurity and
business enablement outcomes

How CSPO can help you address risks

Cloud Security Policy Orchestration services

Day 0 security baseline posture
Solution installs are performed in one day to provide Day 0 visibility into your organization’s cloud security posture.

Periodic assessments
Quarterly (or more frequently for our premium package) assessments provide updates and recommendations for improving effectiveness of security policies.

Policy updates
The policy-as-code library is updated for cloud service provider and regimen changes.

Policy customization and enhancement
Policies can be customized and enhanced according to your requirements.

Automated remediation and workflows
Remediation workflows trigger the appropriate actions to resolve violations.

Customized reporting
The premium package includes customization of reports through use of the filtering capabilities inherent to the tool.

Operate services
The premium package includes Deloitte Operate services (e.g., cloud transformation migration assistance and security incident response).


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