Cyber Cloud Managed Services

Managed services for 24/7 cloud security

With its scalability, elasticity, and flexibility, cloud technology is an engine of digital innovation. But management of cloud security threats can be challenging amid the day-to-day demands of the business. We provide around-the-clock security protection and monitoring, plus a wide range of options to help you move forward with confidence.

Common challenges of managing cyber risk in the cloud

As enterprises’ continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines become more robust and assets move to the cloud at an exponential rate, security capabilities that are not integrated into the pipelines and that lack commensurate automation to secure the deployed solutions will likely be quickly overwhelmed.

Adding to the challenge, keeping up with rapidly evolving compliance standards; updates in services from cloud security providers; and the threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures require dedicated security engineering effort.

Given the lack of availability of cloud security skills in the marketplace, it can be very difficult to simultaneously design security requirements, integrate existing tools, integrate with CI/CD pipelines, manage users, monitor cloud environments, analyze threat intelligence, maintain hygiene, perform remediations, and respond to incidents.

To tackle these challenges effectively, organizations need the ability to secure cloud workloads rapidly and at scale. This includes having a broad view of the organization’s security posture and the ability to uniformly apply security policies. It also requires processes for defining, measuring, and managing trust.

Cyber Cloud Managed Services

An end-to-end cyber cloud managed services experience

A strategy that leverages Deloitte’s cyber risk framework, paired with built-in native services, helps you move to the cloud with increased confidence that cyber risks are being addressed.

Cloud managed services serve as a backbone for digital transformation efforts, including access to capabilities and features that may not have been available with previous on-premises solutions.

Standardized processes
Streamlined operational processes support a scalable cloud-based solution and respond faster to high-priority security events. The results? Dampened event impact, reduced business risk, and greater defense against threat patterns—positioning you to improve your overall security posture.

Security automation
Our highly automated, cloud-native service-centric solution uses Infrastructure as Code to deploy new production-ready solutions with supporting cybersecurity guardrails.

Cost efficiencies
Cloud-native services, along with consolidated enterprise licensing for analytical tools, can help you reduce the operational and infrastructure cost of supporting applications and systems.

Cloud governance
The cloud environment is protected from threats that seek to exploit known vulnerabilities. Continuous detection, investigation, and remediation of vulnerabilities with autohealing guardrails and autopatching can help you to free up internal resources and reduce business risks.

Operational efficiencies
Best-in-class leading security and controls maximize enhance application performance and availability while helping to reduce risk to the brand.

Faster innovation and business responsiveness
With technology as a transformation enabler, your business can achieve rapid innovation, faster time to market, and greater agility.

A package tailored to your business circumstances

We work with you to define a tailored package, then build and operate security services to meet your ongoing business needs circumstances, freeing you to focus on the business benefits of cloud adoption. We have collaborated with security specialists at each of the three major cloud environments to develop the following managed security services specializations.

Core offerings

Extended offerings

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Adnan Amjad

Adnan Amjad

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Vikram Kunchala

Principal | Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Vikram, a principal at Deloitte & Touche LLP, is the solutions and platforms leader for Cyber and Strategic Risk practice of Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory. He has more than 25 years of experience... More

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Aaron Brown

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Aaron is a partner in the Cyber Risk Services practice within Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory with more than 20 years experience at Deloitte & Touche LLP with IT security and controls. Having worke... More

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