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In the current environment, health plans face more than an adjustment. They are playing a new role in helping new populations get new kinds of care in new ways. Deloitte’s Health Plans practice understands the past and present of the health care industry—and we collaborate with clients to address complex challenges and help them create and shape their future.

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Young adults and health insurance: Not invincible – But perhaps convincible

When state & federal health insurance exchanges rolled out, health plans and policymakers held their breath to see whether young people, ages 18-34, would sign up. It's popular to categorize this demographic as healthy, risk-taking young "invincibles," but is there a different story?

The disruptive rise of value-based care

The health care industry is ripe for disruptive innovation as systemic challenges continue to face the industry and stakeholders demand increased value. A successful disruptor could emerge as value–based care gains traction and providers and health plans continue to look for new ways to deliver care and utilize technology to meet the needs of health care consumers.

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Jason Girzadas

Jason Girzadas

Managing Principal | BGS | Deloitte LLP

As managing principal of Businesses, Global, and Strategic Services (BGS), Jason Girzadas is responsible for driving integration across Deloitte’s four businesses, strengthening Deloitte’s strategic m... More