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With the life sciences marketplace shifting and evolving at an ever-increasing pace, pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech firms and med tech manufacturers should act promptly, responsibly and effectively to grow revenue and market share, even as industry dynamics drive increased focus on regulatory compliance, lower costs, innovation, and network flexibility. Deloitte is helping our life sciences clients as they pursue growth opportunities and tackle multiple scientific, business and regulatory challenges. Through our demonstrated/time-tested combination of industry experience and broad service offerings we are helping our clients lead and shape the global life sciences marketplace.

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Featured insights

In the face of uncertainty: A challenging future for biopharmaceutical innovation 

The biopharma industry is in a precarious position regarding innovation: big bets in bold new areas are leading to complexity & uncertainty.

Operating under a consent decree: Managing a Life Sciences company through a major regulatory action

Operating under a consent decree - no aspect of the business is left unaffected, and the impacts can extend to customers and patients as well.

Case studies

Thinking outside the box

The CFO of a global pharma company was looking for innovative ways to improve service levels to internal customers while more effectively managing costs. He was looking for innovative ways to do more with less and no idea was off limits.

Just what the doctor ordered

A leading pharma company was facing shifting customer preferences that favored digital marketing and social technologies–over traditional sales & marketing mediums. See how they transformed their decentralized marketing operations into a centralized model to compete in today’s digital age.

Supply chain planning transformation

A rapidly-growing global biopharma company was seeking more efficient supply-chain planning processes & info flow to achieve greater supply chain visibility, better controls, and lower costs. See how they gained buy-in from stakeholders & achieved their desired business objectives within months.

Meet the leaders

Greg Reh

Greg Reh

Deloitte Global Life Sciences & Health Care Leader

Greg serves as the Deloitte Global Life Sciences & Health Care Industry Leader. In this role, he advises life sciences and health care clients and practice leaders within Deloitte’s global network; an... More

Jason Girzadas

Jason Girzadas

Managing Principal | BGS | Deloitte LLP

As managing principal of Businesses, Global, and Strategic Services (BGS), Jason Girzadas is responsible for driving integration across Deloitte’s four businesses, strengthening Deloitte’s strategic m... More