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Expanding our ability to access the world’s information

Natural language processing, neural networks, and other technological advancements are expanding our ability to access the world’s information. In this episode, User Friendly podcast host Hanish Patel sits down with Google’s Pandu Nayak and Deloitte’s Ragu Gurumurthy to examine a future of search tools that interpret the nuances and complexities of language better—then use what they learn to shape the answers they deliver.

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We are at an inflection point in language understanding. And to me, today, we’ve passed that inflection point and we’re rapidly accelerating.

—Pandu Nayak, Google fellow and vice president of search

Search has come a long way from indexing the web. Today, powerful new query capabilities can give users not only what they are looking for, but sometimes what they should be looking for. How can enterprises turn emerging search technology to their advantage? And what are the ethical considerations of search applications that are becoming ever more intelligent?

In this episode of the User Friendly podcast, Google Fellow and Vice President of Search Pandu Nayak joins host Hanish Patel and Deloitte Chief Innovation and Chief Digital Officer Ragu Gurumurthy. Together, they look at technology’s ability to supercharge the types of information we can understand and how that can translate into enterprise value.


Search in terms of product information is going to be extremely relevant. If you can solve the complexity of language and make it contextually relevant for people, for consumers, I think it’d be a lot easier to solve enterprise problems.

Ragu Gurumurthy, Deloitte chief innovation and chief digital officer

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